Chelsea: A Period Of ‘Auditioning’ For The Club, Players and Managers

With Chelsea limping into the last four of the Europa league, becoming the only English side left in European competition this season, Chelsea fans will have their eyes trained on the future. Due to the fixture list, the Blues could amusingly be the holders of both the Champions League and the Europa League at the same time, albeit for ten days, if they reach and triumph in Europe’s second tier cup final on the May 15. While this will be a cute novelty for many Chelsea fans, most will be looking past that to the more pivotal future aspects of their club’s year; what will happen in the summer?

With a gradual acceptance of their, albeit, ‘interim’ predicament, the Blues faithful are focusing on the positives, and the warm hope of better times ahead. It is all that many can do to just avoid dwelling on the club’s unsightly present, or ‘Benitez’ to give it a name. With the word ‘Jose’ whispered in the winds like a code-word for political revolution, the war-torn London club are hoping for a real upturn in fortunes come the new season.

That most coveted of presences, Mourinho, has been his usual ambivalent self when it comes to discussing his future. Upon guiding his Real Madrid side into the last four of the Champions League, he simply said to craning journalists,

“When the season ends, I will sit down with who I have to.”

While his choice of words are testament to his still active respect for his current job, it remains to be seen who Mourinho actually ‘wants’ to sit down with come the close season.

The likes of PSG, Manchester Utd and Manchester City have been touted as other possible destinations for the eccentric Portuguese; but with Roman Abramovich’s apparent number one choice, Pep Guardiola to take the reins at Bayern Munich next season, and the plethora of talk about the ‘Special One’ returning to the Bridge, there are plenty of indicators that suggest Chelsea fans should start rolling out the red carpet, again.

But if Jose Mourinho, or indeed any top class manager (even Manuel Pellegrini) is to take the job at Chelsea, then they will be watching intently at how the club performs and acts come the business end of the season. This includes the treatment of the much maligned Benitez. Yes, he will be packing his bags at the end of the season, but will he be hailed a cab, or kicked unceremoniously out the door?

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