Everton Home Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: Leaked Photos

Photos of Everton’s home shirt for the 2011-12 season have been leaked on the Internet.

The new design by Le Coq Sportif is very classy. My favorite part of the new kit design is the collar, which reminds me of something you’d except to see Everton legend Dixie Dean wearing in the 1920s or 1930s. It looks like there’s a gold trim on the inside of the collar and the back of the neck.

The rest of the new Everton home shirt design is simple and bold. Take a look at the next photo for a better view of the entire shirt:

What do you think of the new shirt? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

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59 thoughts on “Everton Home Shirt for 2011-2012 Season: Leaked Photos”

  1. It looks pretty rubbish to me. Would be ok without the collar – which is a shocker. It is supposed to be a footy shirt – not a tennis shirt.

  2. Love it, its simple again which is great but its slightly more interesting unlike this years.

    Away in yellow looks great too.

  3. I’m not sure I have liked any of the leaked shirts for next year for any team. I was just looking at footballshirtculture.com and somebody at nike needs to be fired. The Manchester United, Arsenal and Juve away all look awful. As a united supporter I am holding out hope that the leaked photos are not real. Unfortunately the last few years they have been accurate.

    Glad I’m not an Everton supporter, that away mustard color shirt looks terrible.

  4. I really like it—I don’t get the hate. The blue and gold look great together. The collar is a nice old school touch as well.

  5. Typical comments from those negative idiots that frequent NSNO or Toffeeweb and the like, get over yourselves, go back to your real home. Analfield!!!

    I would be proud to see the blues run out in this shirt next season. In fact I don’t care what the home kit looks like as long as it is BLUE. ( I would even be there if it where in League 1)

    It is about time some people realised they were supporting a real Premiership side, not something off FIFA Pro. You have not been around long enough. I have been involved for over 50 years now.

    And David Moyes is the real deal! he is building a team that is as good as it gets within the finiancial confines he operates. The Howard Kendall era (and I loved him) we were based on Everton being amongst richest clubs.

    Until I win the lottery Euro Millions that will not be even close ( Yes after buying a house for me and my kids, that would be my next move).

    For a club to still be in the top 4-8 every season on the budget we have is amazing, get used to it. Until we have a major overseas investor, (who wants to magic one of those up?) they are not running towards any premiership side. Blackburnhave one,whatgood did it do we stuffed them!

  6. Great points Caveman. Bang on! Some of us have been supporting football teams and loving the game prior to Fifa Soccer Pro 12.
    My new friend Caveman and I find it indescribably irritating not only for the newcomers to venture ill-informed opinions in public but to do so with an air of completely misguided authority and superficial swagger. And then we’re accused of “lecturing the massses.” So be it, the ignorant herd can but benefit from the perspective of somebody like caveman who loves the game….for being the game.
    Best wishes,
    Tommy Sunshine

  7. Caveman, This lot probably thinks that Adrian Heath is a comic book about a mortal with superpowers who lives on a tract of wasteland and that
    Neville Southall is a BBC comedy from the 1970s about Anglo-Indian relations!!!

    Only the Gaffer’s admirable enthusiasm and enjoyable posts are keeping me on this site.
    Best of good wishes,
    Tommy Sunshine

    1. Dear Gaffer, please stop your “admirable enthusiasm and enjoyable posts” because if you don’t, we’ll have to keep dealing with this insufferable tw*t.

  8. What’s with all the shirts being leaked so early? If anyone hasn’t seen the Juventus leaked away shirt, you really should. It’s the worst footbal shirt I’ve ever seen in my life.

    I like this shirt though. Simple and classy.

  9. that collar is pure class.
    Has anyone ever bought a bottle of Chang cuz they’ve sponsored Everton’s shirts for all these years? I’m not coming at sponsorships from the aesthetic perspective, I just question what’s in it for some of these companies. Chang was on a super-sale at my liquor store last week. Still wasn’t curious to try it.

  10. Did you notice Chang before they sponsored Everton? So it must be working.

    Nice shirt – Everton need to re-configure their crest, it’s getting too busy – what is it about Merseyside Clubs and cluttered crests.

    1. in the context of advertising, is shirt sponsorship the most effective use of money? Sure, we’re aware that Chang exists, but with television commercials and print advertisements the company can try to tell a persuasive story, with the shirts it’s just name recognition which probably doesn’t do much to convince someone to buy one product over another.

      Obvi, it’s accepted practice all over the footie world, but I wonder if these sponsorships are more about the egos of CEOs and less about an effective use of an advertising budget.

  11. Like it a lot … the gold trim is a nice touch without overdoing the ‘trim extras’ seen in recent blue shirts from the likes of Birmingham or Cardiff. Everton = traditional, classy, nothing flashy … SOUND la’

  12. Great having a collar. The design is super. Would white have been better on the inside of the collar etc – I don’t know.

  13. like it! the old school shirts seem all the rage at the moment.dont know what the gold represents tho? lasy years shirt tried to recreate the 84-85 title winning feeling which got me caught up thinking we were gonna be a top 4 certainty! i must re-assess my expectations for next season,maybe 6th?

  14. Brilliant, probably the nicest home kit I’ve seen for next season and I’m not being biased. Le Coq Sportif have come up trumps for once!

    Oh, and the away kit isnt mustard its amber and blue..Traditional Everton away colours.

    be nice seeing Phil Neville hold aloft the FA cup in this top come May 2012

    a man can dream….

  15. I like it, I’m a fan of the old school look so this is a definite improvement. Since picking up Le Coq Sportif the kits have been a little drab but this one I very much approve of. The material does look a little thick though doesn’t it? Either way I’ll be getting one ASAP!!!

  16. Top shirt. I’ll be getting it.

    I’m with you Caveman (but not romantically). So many of our fans (especially on Toffeeweb) have totally unrealistic standpoints.They live in a world where Everton have loads of options. We don’t. We survive on a shoe string – mainly because of Moyes. Those who want him out – need a reality check on what he’s done with b*gger all. They always say – but where are the trophies? They are with the clubs with money dumbos.

    We could easily be languishing in the lower divisions without The Moyesiah. Get rid of Him – and Morinho ain’t turning up boys. It’ll be someone like Alladyce. God help us then.

    We need a big bucks benefacor – then we’d see an even playing field and how good Moyes really is.

  17. The mustard yellow shirt looks like a cheap tee. The collared blue shirt is okay but still looks cheap. If we are expected to pay £30+ for either I would like to see something where the designer has made an effort. I think I could do better… and yes, I have design skills, albeit for print rather than clothing.

  18. hey.
    this kit looks absolutely amazing classy and all those thickheads who think its bad should be quite… its blue and that what it matters…. we aint going on a fashion trip are we?

  19. Apart from the collar (which in my opinion isn’t a deal clincher) is exactly the same. I don’t think I will be spending another £40 just for a collar. I’ll get mother to get her sowing machine out.

  20. Marketing only works the first time you buy but the product has to be good for you to repeat the purchase. I have bought it before when out because of its association to everton but it’s really a terrible beer. Its even worse when warm from the stalls in Goodison Park :(

    More interestingly I never ever EVER buy and drink Carlsberg!

    Born Not Manufactured. 1878.

  21. Love the home & away shirt this year and am MADE UP that we’ve got rid of that pink. No middle aged fat baldy should wear a pink shirt…

    1. Superb top. Lets get it out quick to give the kids something great to buy for summer holiday wear.
      Huge Chang symbol doesn’t add anything, just reminds me how bad some ale can taste, although the club didn’t help when they sold it warm from a can.
      And don’t forget “middle aged fat baldy” supporter’s money is as useful as any other to the club and he is still proud to show his commitment to the blues, slightly daft as he may look.

  22. Football jerseys should not have collars. Everton have been going with retro designs for the past 3 seasons. We need something more colourful and creative to look at these days. This design for 2011/12 is awful. Dixie Dean or Tommy Lawton would not look out of place sporting this ‘new’ look for next season. I shan’t be wasting my money on this shirt!

  23. Can someone tell me-is the material cloth or is it normal football shirt polyester? I don’t want an Everton shirt that’s cloth or nylon. Other than that it’s a great kit!

  24. this will impede chest control and makes the players look less athletic,it’s a bad omen.don’t do it!!

  25. only need investers cause no one top class will play for yas unless you had all that money there

  26. I love EVERTON but why dont we admit as with every other club such as my local team charlton churn out a new kit every season for one reason only – profit! having said that i wish theyd do em in slightly larger sizes for portly types such as myself.

  27. col. can you please send me a few older shirts and some history on Everton i am trying to establish a Everton suppoters club in Cape Town South Africa PS Third World Nation led by Malema No money for us

  28. The material on this new home jersey feels cheap, unlike the softer and smoother nylon/polyester of most other Premier League clubs. The current Everton shirt feels/looks like a cheap polo shirt that should retail at no more than 20 pounds. I did consider buying it for my husband, but he told me to save my money for the kids.

  29. typical toffees can’t take critism just because he said hes a manc n the shirts looks ok…nothing more just looks like a polo shirt the players wear after training

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