Soccer Talk Live to Debut August 16 on Fox Soccer Channel

Two weeks ago EPL Talk revealed that Fox Football Fone-In was cancelled and that Kyle Martino was moving from ESPN to Fox to start up a new show in its place. And now we have seen confirmation of the news in an article published by the Associated Press as well as some insight in regards to the theme of the show.

The new show, which will be named Soccer Talk Live, will premiere on August 16 and will cater to fans of soccer and pop culture. Martino said that the show will attempt to meld together hard-core soccer supporters who watch every Premier League game with viewers interested both in Lindsay Lohan and Portugal and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo.

He envisioned the format including elements of “The Daily Show,” “The Best Damn Sports Show” and “SportsNation.” “This is the first move for Fox to say we want to create something that will compete with the ESPNs of the world,” Martino said.

The concept is interesting. But I want to reserve judgement until I see the actual show itself. The question that is running through my head is, “Who is the demographic for this show?” Martino mentions that the show wants to attract die-hard soccer fans, but would those fans have the patience to hear talk about Lindsay Lohan? What’s your opinion? Share your feedback in the comments section below.

UPDATE: More details have been released about the show earlier this morning. Soccer Talk Live will also feature Temryss Lane who will contribute a weekly feature segment exploring the world of soccer with those who play and support the game passionately.

The show is described as “a fast-paced, entertaining, hour-long studio show airing every Monday from August through May. Martino’s guests will range from world-class athletes to musicians, actors and authors, all discussing their passion for the beautiful game and how soccer impacts their lives.” The show’s first guest on August 16 will be Landon Donovan.

Again, my concern about the show is the demographic they’re going after. Having a show about teenage heartthrobs such as Lindsay Lohan and Cristiano Ronaldo coupled with content for hardcore soccer fans sounds like it’s aimed at a much younger audience. Hardcore soccer fans, for the most part, don’t have much interest in pop culture, so it’s extremely important that the quality of guests they bring on the show are appropriate and would be of interest to hardcore soccer fans. Landon Donovan is a good start, but I’ll be interested to see who they have lined up for future shows.

68 thoughts on “Soccer Talk Live to Debut August 16 on Fox Soccer Channel”

  1. Sounds stupid, but that sounds like Fox!
    I used to love FFF when it was hosted by Webster and Cohen and watched every week. It took 2 episodes of Eric Wynalda’s blithering idiocy to turn me off forever. It descended into a 2 hour long interview with Wynalda by a stifled Nick Webster, someone who actually knows a thing or two about the game. Webster and Cohen were animated, played devil’s advocate for one another….
    The best part of this new show, which I’ll be sure not to watch, will be no more Eric Wynalda gumming up the airwaves. You don’t grow the sport by catering to legions of morons.
    A show featuring Bobby McMahon would be awesome. I think he’s on their soccer report once or twice a week and it’s the best analysis you ever get on FSC.

  2. Hopefully, DirecTV will come through with their upgrade plans of FSC to HD on 8/9 as has been reported. We got GOLTV on the 4th, just like EPL Talk said.

    1. Really wish DTV would have upgraded FSC to HD on the fourth and waited for GolTV until the 11th. The Community Shield would be so much better in HD this weekend! Still looking forward to all the HD footie though!

  3. His reference to Lohan could be his way of saying they are going to attempt to attract the casual fan to become a rabid fan. Only one problem with that, FSC is not in the same package as ESPN. Only the rabid fan will pay extra for it and watch it. The rest who have it as part of a “sport package” are not going to watch anyway. Seems as if they’re getting the cart before the horse.

  4. Yesterday on Twitter FiOS said that they will have FSC in HD, but most likely not in time for next week. If you have FiOS keep checking 584.

  5. Two words Soccer AM! All the need to do is study that show from the Tim Lovejoy days and replicate it! Hell just got get Tim Lovejoy! FSC’s presenters are weak! Guys like Nick Webster love the game and seem to have good knowledge of the game but they are blaaaaaaaaand!
    They need to add personality to the sport not celebrity!

  6. An absolutely awful idea. While I would agree FFF was getting kind of old, and the addition of the ticker at the bottom inviting the most moronic comments to appear throughout the show made it worse, you can’t tell me there isn’t room for a more serious, yet lively, show.

    And if they were truly interested in doing a football/pop culture mix, they should have gotten Shawn Francis to run the thing.

  7. This is a really sad idea by FSC. I can speak for a lot of people when I say that we really looked forward to Fox Football Fone-In each week. I always looked forward to hearing what Nick and Eric/Steve thought of the weekend’s action. Nick is always knowledgeable and he has a great way with stoking the fires. Very funny, too. I always loved hearing the callers as well. I’m really going to miss that show, and I hope they reconsider. I think I know where they are headed with this new idea and it will be cringe-inducing to say the least. I think FSC forgets the reason that people pay for their channel. It’s soccer. Not hollywood glam or shmaltz. Nothing that airs on FSC should be viewed as a conversion effort from the marketing people. Their only job should be to build loyalty. Fox Football Fone-In did that and then some. I know I won’t be watching the new show. So they’ve lost one viewer’s eyes for 3 hours every Monday night. Has anyone heard from Nick Webster on this?

  8. OT, but does anyone know when is going to take it’s finger out and let us renew our subscriptions? They don’t seem to realize that they are showing live matches tomorrow, and I sure as hell am not going to purchase a day pass every time I want to watch. The guy I chatted with at their site recommended I check back in a few weeks(!).

  9. “Soccer Talk Live will also feature Temryss Lane”

    I suppose a show “features” Temryss Lane in the same way a porn star “features” impotence. She has exactly one job, which is to speak the English language coherently, and she cannot perform it.

    The show will probably last a full season simply because FSC obviously have nothing else to air. I’ll certainly never watch it.

  10. I’ll give the show a shot, at least initially. If the fusion of soccer and pop culture is done right, similar to the B.S. report on ESPN, this may actually be an entertaining show. However, if it is, like some have suggested, TMZ meets soccer, it just sounds like a forced, terrible idea.

    For those who just want soccer content, there is 167 other hours in the week for other FSC programming, not to mention blogs and podcasts, more than enough to satiate your needs. But you should also get a life :-)

  11. I’m really not inclined to get too excited about anything on FSC until I can see it in HD!! Do you hear me COMCAST!?!?!?

  12. I enjoy the many pop culture references on the Daily Show and Colbert Report even though I’m a hardcore political news junkie. I hope the same will be true for this show but I guess we will have to wait and see.

  13. Oof. Sounds horrible. When you try to cater to multiple demographics you end up not catering to any of them. I stopped watching Football Fone-In when they took Cohen off the air; I’m certainly not going to watch this. SportsNation is not something you should be trying to emulate.

    Can’t we get some kind of top-notch highlight show going over what happened the previous weekend? Lord knows there is enough content.

  14. I’m glad to see that everyone seems to agree that this sounds like a stupid idea? I mean is there anyone out there who want to talk about football AND Lindsey Lohan??

  15. You guys at the network are fools! You men who go for this kind of programming are !#$$- ies. People who watch football don’t give a shite about Lindsey Lohan or this E! channel B.S. Keep it simple stupid! You pop culture junkies make me sick! Go get a manicure you freaking metro sexual wo-men. Try mowing the lawn every now and again to keep you away from the wife or girlfriends line up of Glee and Dancing with the Stars. Man up, grab your sack and just say NO to this consumerism pop culture. The men who like that pop culture crap need to be beat into check by his Dad so he can remember what being a man is….. Hold on I have to go get my girl some Tampons, I’ll be back. Peace

  16. My question was going to be about ESPN having coverage of EPL on Satudays 2010. Anyone know? If not I guess since Sentanta is no more I’ll order Fox and steer clear of the LOHAN REPORT with Martino. ba da ba ba ba ba ba ba!

        1. Brad, thanks for sharing the link. The key word that Skipper uses in the interview is “anticipate.” He says that ESPN “anticipates having the early game again on Saturday.” And he sounded pretty unsure of how many games they’ll be showing next season. He said 40 last year, and probably 65-70 this year. Depending on how many games are shown on ESPN Deportes (which he says will increase), we’ll have a better idea of how many games ESPN will show.

          It’s still very iffy and not definitive. What looks likely is that ESPN2 will retain the early Saturday kick-off. Everything else is still up in the air until all deals are signed. Hence Skipper saying “we anticipate.” The deal isn’t signed yet.

          The Gaffer

  17. MoxNix,
    Once again Fox gets it wrong with their online content, With the Championship starting tomorrow you would think they would have their act together and offer a subscription plan by now. I received an e-mail from them a couple of weeks ago stating that they would announce a yearly subscription plan soon but gave no actual date.

    Soccer Talk Live, from what we know about it, seems like it might be another lame Fox soccer show. Personally, I don’t care much for their content beyond the live soccer matches they show.

  18. Those kids running FoxSoccer are a joke. We all could produce programming that those monkies think long and hard about. I guess you have to be a genius over at FoxSoccer. Contact me Fox. I have an idea of what you need. I alredy have the program in mind to lead off 2011. I won’t tell you though. Give me a camera crew and a let me choose a presenter and I’ll have you a program to last for 5 years. Probably cost you all next to nothing. We all know you probably have a budget next to nothing. You got the sack FoxSoccer? I’ll work for next to nothing.

  19. Lindsay Lohan… her name alone is cause enough not to watch the show.

    We are talking about Fox here. They’d be better off creating a cartoon similar to the Simpsons but based on the premise of Dream Team. You know, the typical dumbed-down, colorful crap Fox usually airs.

  20. MoxNix,
    Just got this response a few minutes ago from concerning subscriptions. Note, it looks like they will offer a monthly plan but no yearly plan. That could get costly.

    Dear Customer,
    Thank you for contacting us.
    For the moment we can only offer a daily pass due to maintenance on our site, hopefully in a week or two there will be a monthly pass.
    Please check our site for farther updates.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

  21. Rabid fans do not understand economics and finance.

    Nothing makes money from rabid fans. If you only have rabid fans, you cannot even break even.

    Any product makes money from getting large number of casual, part-time users. Hard proof of this is that the average TV viewer of successful TV shows watches on average about half of the episodes. Since the rabid fans watch every episode, then we know casual viewers watch it maybe once a month. If you look at the total viewers for, say (random example), the TV show “House MD”, you will see some weeks, millions more viewers watch than other weeks.

    This is why every TV show ends with scenes from the next show, to get casual viewers to keep watching.

    The World Cup is watched by hundreds of millions of people who know that there is a ball, two goals, two teams, and you cannot use your hands, and know nothing else.

    1. Ken, we the “Rabid” fan are the only people who watch FoxSoccer. The casual person has no interest in FoxSoccer programing so they will not, and never will tune into FSC. Why try and cater to a demographic of people who will never look high enough on there DVR guides to find FSC. The economics and finances go like this. You lose the “RABID FAN” you have got no one. No one watching equals…… no Money. I think “we the fan” know a little about economics and finance to realize the casual viewer will not watch.
      Why would you “dis” the people who make the channel what it is? We want the program that fits into our mindset. Football, not pop culture.

      1. So you are saying that – because of Soccer Talk Live – the rabid fans will stop watching the actual EPL, Serie A and UEFA Champions League games ?

        That’s pretty silly…

  22. Actually the best example of what I was saying, comes form the world of soccer – Setanta.

    Setanta was only for rabid fans – it cost $15 extra per month. It lost money and went out of business.

    1. Ken, that’s a bit unfair, though. Setanta wasn’t available to most cable customers in the United States. The problem they had was distribution.

      The Gaffer

      1. Clearly “huhe” does not post comments on this site. :-)

        He posted mathematical analyses to BigSoccer about exactly whey Setanta could never break even.

        Notice that Setanta UK went broke also.

        The Setanta businesses that made money were when they charged $10 per pub customer per match.

      2. Their distribution problems came from the fact that service providers didn’t want to add a channel that only had a few rabid fans and no ad revenue

        1. I disagree. TV providers would have received more money from a company such as Setanta because customers were paying a $15/month subscription fee. And the TV provider would get a cut of that. The problem was distribution. Setanta US was supposedly profitable or near profitable.

          The Gaffer

          1. The profitable part of Setanta US was the closed-circuit and PPV business, distribute your channel too widely and you’ll kill that business.

            Why do you think Premium Sports only does closed-circuit/PPV? A single SPL or GAA match will cost you more than a month of the old Setanta channel.

  23. Give the show a chance, may be it is the type of tv that will attract a a whole new group of viewers to soccer. On the other hand how about a show for the hardcore fan that frequents this site and the others like it.So much better than a re-run of a review show that the hardcore has already seen. The concept should not just be highlights and a look ahead but trends, events, happenings, in all of English football. The hardcore fan would love news from the Championship. Go deep into English football, it untouched.

  24. Are you kidding me with this rubbish? I mean Fox Football Fone In wasn’t the greatest show but it was the only show on American TV that talked just about Football/Soccer and for 2 and half hours (I think that was the length). Now we are going to have this show which will probably just make a mockery out of the game.

    I guess I will give it a chance but it seriously doesn’t sound good. And you are right. What demographic are they going for here?

  25. THe best name they could come up with is Lohan??? Does she even know what soccer is? Who is coming up with Lohan Nick Webster? I will give them a try but not sure of how long I may stick with this if its not really about soccer.

  26. This sounds like one of the more stupid decisions by FSC. I wish they’d spend more time arranging for us to be able to receive FSC HD.

  27. This is the most retarded crap I’ve ever heard. When I saw the name of the show, I pretty much figured it was going to be a mickeymouse type programme. When the sport is taken seriously, it’s called Football. When it’s played by children or girls, then it’s called what this show calls it. So it’s fitting that they will talk about nonsense like Lindsey Lohan.

    I’m sorry, but the only time I wanna see Lindsey Lohan is when I am on top of her in bed. Other than that, she is irrelevant.

  28. You lost me at Lindsey. Definitely targeted at a young demographic which is okay but there are to many other, better options for pop-culture crap TV. If you want to be trendy for a couple years, that’s what you’ll get, 2 years maybe, then you will be back to entertaining sports reporting. How long has ESPN sports center been on the air. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. In the mean time, don’t make our sport that has made so much progress, look like a joke alongside the family joke of The Lojans.

  29. After listening to Kyle Martino call that Man U Celtic match the other day I won’t be tuning in. When he would get that creepy low accentuated voice to say “and that’s what he does so well”

    I just couldn’t stand it, he must have said it 50 times too.

    1. No worries Jeff. I have it on good authority that the folks from Fox read the blog every day, so they’re apprised of the public’s reaction.

      The Gaffer

  30. What Fox and ESPN need to do is study how soccer and soccer shows are presented in England and mimic it. Maybe sending some of the American commentators/presenters there to learn how to call a game or present a soccer show would help. Why not learn from the best. It makes no sense to Americanize EPL coverage any more than trying to cover the NBA using EPL standards.

  31. Football Matters on Setanta was Top Notch…Soccer Am is a bit more crazy and out there, but a bloody great show to watch if you are passionate about the game.
    Fox, take a lesson from ESPN and their WC Coverage, there is no need to…
    A. Dumb down the coverage for the Lowest Common Fan
    B. Sex up the coverage to make it more interesting
    C. Add Hollywood spice to get more people interested
    Interested in WHAT???? Lindsey Lohan???
    Just put together a show that talks about the game that we all love and are passionate about, throw in some highlights and find some interesting stories to tell either by sending out a crew to cover it or rolling the tape from another source…
    It is HARDER to screw it up….but FOX seems to be well able to accomplish that on a regular basis
    FOX reps…e-mail me at and I will consult for FREE
    Cant do any worse than what your lot have done up until now

  32. First off, I want to dispel the notion that some people here continue to have that ESPN would do this, i.e., handle soccer, better. If you subscribe to the soccernet podcast in iTunes, you would be clueless right now that they put a podcast up on the soccernet website, but because of “changes” did not put it in iTunes. What “changes”? They don’t say.

    Second, from everything I’ve read FSC and FSP is run on a shoestring budget. I never expect that much from them. I’m happy to get the games.

    Third, as it was last year, FFF just sucked. Nick: “What’s your question?” The caller asks what Eric and Nick think about something. Eric: “I… well, tell me what you think, then I’ll tell you what I think.” Also I felt the show early on fell into this pattern of Nick asking Eric questions about what it was like to play and Eric telling everyone else that they didn’t know what they were talking about because they’ve never played, which is a rather immature argument. Frankly, most athletes aren’t too bright, they just aren’t. To get as good as they got, they sacrificed on the schooling and emphasized the sports. There are exceptions, always. But as a general rule, they make poor conversationalists. FFF last year had two athletes on. What was missing in those 3 Fs was the Fan. BTW, if noone remembers why Cohen wasn’t on FFF last year it was because of what he said and the reactions to that. FSC felt what little ad revenue they were getting was threatened and axed him, which leads to my last point…

    Fourth, to give FSC the benefit of the doubt, to survive, FSC needs to start attracting a more casual soccer fan (for ad revenue) and so they have to get creative about how to do that. I’m not saying that this show will work, but if they don’t try ESPN might outbid them for EPL and just kill them. That would not be a good thing, because 1) ESPN would not air half the games FSC does, 2) Serie A coverage would be lost, 3) Championship coverage would be downgraded, 4) Ligue Un… non, 5) MLS on basic or sports cable in English… Habla Espanol?

    Now, I’ll just sit back and wait for someone to post that “Soccer has arrived in this country”. That’ll make my day!

    1. Fair enough points Terry but you have to admit that ESPN DID actually listen to its viewers and vastly improve their coverage of football for the World Cup…the fact that FOX cannot afford to (or ha decided not to) should not prevent long time viewers like myself of Fox Sports World/Fox Soccer Channel from complaining about the chintzing of their coverage each year.
      I DO appreciate the coverage that they provide, always have, but what seems like a perfect opportunity to cater to those of us who have been there with Fox from Day one, they are going to waste away with some tacky approach to cater to fly by night “fans” of the game.
      Just DO THE RIGHT THING FSC and give Bobby McMahon his own show!!!!!!!

      1. IrishInAtlanta, good points. I agree that Bobby McMahon needs his own show. Not sure why they seem resistent to give him more of a pivotal role on the network. Also, I wish Fox would do some focus groups or ask fans what they want to see. They’d learn a lot by doing so. I know they’ve done surveys in the past on their website but they’ve too few and far between.

        The Gaffer

  33. In this day and age it is futile to try and Americanize soccer coverage in the hope that it will increase viewership. Most people today get their information online. If I’m interested in the EPL, guess where I’m going to end up. I’ll end up reading and viewing the best EPL content which will be from England. Get with the times, Fox. Show EPL content from England if you want the best. For MLS coverage create something local.

  34. As a soccer fan I will definitely not be watching a show that purports to mix “soccer and pop culture”.
    I watch FSC for soccer games and shows like Fox Soccer report. I did watch Fox soccer fone-in and it was entertaining when Steve Cohen was on.
    I am really not interested in what Lindsay Lohan or any other celeb has to say on the topic of soccer. Heck I am not even interested in an interview with Landon Donovan.

  35. Hypothetical; suppose top club teams (such as Chelsea or Barcelona) could
    keep their foreign players and could play in the World Cup,
    How far would they go?

  36. I watched two minutes of the show and it SUCKS!!! Tremendously!!! It’s definitely not for the hardcore football fan. I thought it was really going to be good and they were going to bring in at least a host who knows about the beautiful game. Martino looks like he doesn’t even know how to wipe his own a$$ , how the hell will he know anything about football. That retarded looking native indian guy Tiffany, he’s suppose to read the e-mails what the hell is that about. Just my 2 cents.

  37. I suspected that “Soccer Talk Live” would represent 60 minutes of weak coverage and a series of lame attempts to ride the coattails of the World Cup by marrying American lingo with some form of football analysis. What Fox just broadcast was much, much worse. I am speechless. When what’s his name got on the floor and starting doing yoga, I heard the death knell sound. Wow. Amazing that in this economy, someone will receive a paycheck by putting that “ish” on television. Pirahna 3D, are you serious?

  38. What a God awful show. It couldn’t have been any wooden if they tried. Who thought applying a “Tonight Show” style talk show to a soccer show was a good idea needs shooting. I hope Fox depth-6 this show and bring back Triple F before anyone notices…

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