Roberto Mancini On The Hunt For Trophies

Roberto Mancini Manager Manchester City 2009/10 Manchester City V Tottenham Hotspur (0-1) 05/05/10 The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International Photo via Newscom

In the current headlines, crazed madman Raoul Moat has been the cause of a major police hunt in Northumbria. A different RM is copying the Metropolitan Police by hunting for something, only this time, Roberto Mancini is on the hunt to bring success to the City of Manchester Stadium for the first time in 34 years.

Mancini has indicated that the Eastlands side have not finished with their summer spending and are in the pursuit of trophies. City’s fifth placed finish in the Premier League meant that they missed out on a Champions League place for this coming season. Mancini has his first pre-season and summer transfer window at the club and looks like he means business with Sheikh Mansour’s money, purchasing Yaya Toure from Barcelona, David Silva from Valencia and Jerome Boateng from Hamburg. However, the former Inter Milan manager hasn’t finished and is preparing to go back to his former side and take troublemaker Mario Balotelli off chairman Massimo Moratti’s hands.

Mancini told Manchester City’s official website that he was excited for the coming season and believes “we have a squad for success, and our supporters deserve this”. The Italian is pleased with his additions and has exclaimed that, “Silva and Boateng are very young, a great investment for the club. And Yaya has fantastic experience with Barcelona, where he won a lot of trophies”.

Confidence is the key word, when talking about Man City. They have young players, who have charisma and the ability to woo the City faithful. They are looking to progress one further than their 5th placed finish and their semi-final appearance in the Carling Cup. If they continue to strengthen and prise their key targets they have been rumoured to be buying, they could pose a real threat to the top three and have a real chance of being title contenders. This would only happen, if they fused all their players together and made them work well as a team. If, like last season, there is too much conflict and competition for places, they could only just miss out, again, on trophy chances.

It will be interesting to see what can be acheived at Eastlands and picking up opening fixture victories against Spurs and Liverpool in the first two games will set the tone for the rest of the season. As most people on the red half of Manchester have feared since the Sheikh’s takeover, the blue moon is rising and Manchester United will be anticipating the fixture on November 10th to see if they can contribute to the fall. If City beat United in that nighttime kick off, United will definitely sit up and take notice of their “noisy neighbours”.

6 thoughts on “Roberto Mancini On The Hunt For Trophies”

  1. City has upgraded tremendously but still is nowhere near ready to win either the PL or Champions League title….maybe one of the smaller titles but that is it

    Their huge issue is still their locker room which is full of insane ego’s, short tempers, and inconsistent players…..which explains why they show up for some games and are nowhere to be found in others

    You see their talent and wonder why they bring in so many guys at several spots but can’t find top talent at others….their “team” is really not great on the whole but individually, they are quite talented

    1. Please tell me where you have these stories of “Insane egos”. There wasn’t one legitimate story last year claiming locker room disruptions. It’s an old argument that so far, has no basis at all. Man City went from 10th to 5th in one season, even though they aren’t a “team” like you say they should be. What do all of you expect??? These young signings are building for the future and they know they will have to fight for their place on the team. I read an interview with Mancini and he said he tells all of the signings they will have to fight for a spot. A world class team can’t be built overnight, but it can be built over several seasons. Just ask Chelsea.

      1. Are these egos he refers to worse than Evra, Rooney, Vidic and Anderson at UTD. How about Ballack and Drogba at Chelsea, I think not, Yet they were first and second in the league last year. Obviously he reads biased and unfounded headlines a tad to much for his own good, in other words he’s talking bubbles!

  2. You can’t just throw Robinho, Bellamy, Adebayour, Kolo Toure, and others into a team… their locker room has been/is going to be in shambles. Same as Real Madrid last season with CR, Kaka, etc.

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