Huntelaar Wants Out Of Madrid?

***Huntelaar Denied Wanting To Leave Madrid After Article Was Written****

Much ballyhooed winter acquisition Klass-Jan Huntelaar came to Madrid, he was really looked at as the solution to the club’s woes.  Fast forward three months later and the Dutch international is maybe doing some second guessing.   According to reports by Madrid mouthpiece As, Huntelaar mentioned to people close to him that he was considering a move out of the Bernabéu.

Now, if I were called up to play for Real Madrid… I would not be complaining.  The problem is that I am 1/100th his talent and half his size.  I am a free agent as of right now, so if they need me… we can start negotiating.  Klass-Jan the Hunter is in quite a crux, better yet, the victim of a bad situation. When Real Madrid calls, you come.  It is an inevitable circumstance of footballing life.  When a team that big comes for you.. you go!  It is the place where childhood dreams come true.  He was just looking for a dream but became the  victim of the present  Madrid circumstance at the top.

Although there are no definite sources mentioned in the piece, the news is spreading around Madrid like wildfire and the threat of losing him could be a viable one. This was caused after he was left out of the Champions League list over French international Lassana Diarra.  Ever since he arrived at Real Madrid he has played a grand total of 151 minutes.

If he is not getting playing time he looks for right now, things could exacerbate by the end of the season.   With players like Gonzalo Higuaín etched in stone in Juande Ramos’ starting XI as well as Raúl being Raúl, the reality of getting playing time on only one front is as likely as Javier Saviola getting expecting it over Huntelaar.

As far as the long term, Huntelaar could see the return of Ruud Van Nistelrooy bumping him down in the pecking order.  What about the possibility of them getting a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Kaká?   Further down the totem pole will he fall.

Expect Chelsea to make a move for him if and when he does not get the playing time he deserves. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “Huntelaar Wants Out Of Madrid?”

  1. hi i think he is good Goal Scorer but need a good club who gives him gurentee starting XI other wise his carrier is damn over and i dnt want that stupid Cristiano Ronaldo in Real Madrid we better than him Arjen Robben

  2. he was a wasted purchase, he was purchase forh CL football but the brains Pedja & Calderon really crocked it!

    he is slow and needs service which does not exist in madrid, he needs to be sold.

  3. We can not really judge Jaan as like the article has mentioned he has only played for 151 minutes. He has not really shown us what he has. Anyhow, obviously he has not been good enough in training otherwise the coach would have put him on the starting 11 lol. Kaka would be a much better alternative. I feel that cristiano does not fit in too much with real madrid atmosphere. Plus Ruud does not get along with him and was the reason that he left Manchester.

  4. Moe – I think Ruud time with Real is over, he comming of major knee injury and is on the wrong side of 30, RVN was a great buy and changed the fortune around for the club but if the reports are correct in the press Benzema appears to be the chosen one, along with Pipita could make a fearsome duet,,,

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