Is The South Rising Upon Serie A?

southern italia old world map with lega calcio logo

American readers quickly grasp my play on words and Italians of course know all too well the North-South rivalry alive and well in game and nation.  This season has seen a parity of representation from both halves of the Italian nation, yet the biggest Serie A surprise thus far is a table race in which Southerners are holding their own at the top.

Truly the South is rising as yesterday’s 1 – 1 result against Seina places Catania temporarily in sole possession of second place behind leaders Inter, with Napoli looking to take over first place, after a Lavezzi orchestrated own goal against Lazio moments ago.  Not far behind these two are fellow Southerners Palermo who greet Northerns Fiorentina later today. After yesterday’s comeback, Palermo surely will not want to be out done by their island neighbours, so look for a dogged match in this battle of Lega Calcio dominance.

A win today would propel Palermo ahead of the Viola and also draw them even with Catania.  I suggest we all lift a glass of vino and sit back enjoying the ride of Southern fury in Serie A. 

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