Superliga Matchday One: DC United- Guadalajara


DC came out flying in the second half but couldn’t take advantage of numerous chances. Devon McTavish hit the post before the power outage stopped play for about twenty minutes. Tom Soehn’s tactical change to drop Jaime Moreno back into the midfield stimulated numerous DC United chances but the finishing as it was in DC’s two leg loss to Pachuca in the Champions Cup semi-finals was lacking. Luciano Emilio was being forced to come back too deep into the midfield because the service was lacking. Emilio played lights out in the second half showing a desire and skill level unmatched by many of his team mates. Not having Santino Quaranta, Benny Olsen,  and Marcello Gallardo was fatal to DC tonight.

Clyde Simms was poorly positioned and conceded a foul that led to Gonzalo Pineda’s wonder free kick. Recall it was Simms who in the first half gave the ball away on Arellano’s first half breakaway goal. Emilio did a wonderful job turning two defenders including Mexican international Johnny Magallon on a goal that cut the Chivas lead to 2-1 in minute 76, but after Jaime Moreno hit a pk with little conviction and it was saved by Luis Ernesto Michel, a dispirited DC team didn’t create any more really good chances and now have it all left to do in the final two group matches.


We have read that the Mexican sides were taking Superliga more seriously this year, and we have our evidence of such. Chivas has completely dominated DC United in the first half. This has been a bad statement for Major League Soccer as DC’s spacing has been poor, and its players seem to panic when on the ball. When you consider DC has been the most consistent MLS side historically in international competitions this is a very bad sign for the rest of the tournament from an MLS perspective.

Luciano Emilio had an early chance that went off the post, but from that point on, Chivas has dominated the match converting bad giveaways and general confusion in the DC’s midfield into countless scoring opportunities. Gonzalo Martinez has stood out for DC as the top players, breaking up many a Chivas scoring opportunity at the last minute. United feels the affect of not having the settling influence of Marcello Gallardo in the midfield. Chivas leads 1-0 and may regret not getting second when the red and black looked so overwhelmed by the occasion.


Tonight’s officiating crew is from Costa Rica

Alex Prus a name familiar to MLS fans will be the fourth official

Here are the lineups:

DC United: Wells; Namoff, Martinez, McTavish, Burch; Thompson, Simms, Dyachenko, Fred; Moreno, Emilio. Subs: Thorpe, Zaher, Carroll, Doe, Cordero, Kirk, Murphy.

Guadalajara: Michel; Reynoso, Olvera, Magallon; Esparza, Pineda, Morales, Solis; Santana, Avila, Arellano. Subs: Rodriguez, Araujo, de la Mora, Hernandez, Baez, Mejia, Salazar.

Marcello Gallaro has not recovered from a strained groin aggravated in the June 29th crushing of the Galaxy and is unavailable per Steve Goff of the Washington Post.

11 thoughts on “Superliga Matchday One: DC United- Guadalajara”

  1. *yawn*

    I sure hope we (DC) roll out the reserves for the last two games of this meaningless tournament.

    Superliga is our Emirates Cup. Useless.

    MLS Regular Season and Cup
    US Open Cup
    CONCACAF Champion’s League

    Those are all that matters.

  2. I disagree entirely with Philip. This will buy the league more prestige in Mexico than the tournaments listed above. The CONCACAF Champions League doesn’t have a good TV deal in Mexico. Winning this event will earn MLS respect, albeit begrudging respect from Mexican fans.

    DC is far from eliminated. Houston will likely drop at least two points to Chivas without Derosario and thus two DC wins gets them through, and chances are they will beat up on Atlante and get the Dynamo at RFK.

    Kartik, I think DC played toe to toe with Chivas in the second half. The first half was yes poor, but no Gallardo, Peralta, Quaranta, etc doomed red and black.

  3. Ugh…

    I honestly could care less about gaining prestige in Mexico.

    It’s about winning the contests that matter.

    Superliga is last on the depth chart.

  4. This game didn’t tell us much as Quaranta and Gallardo in particular would have changed the game. However I was upset by the inability of the DC attack to sustain itself at the high pace the first half brought. Guys were forcing bad passes and seemed to be pressing.

  5. Nice Gloomy picture you paint there Kartic. United probably would have had this match had we had at least two of our starters (Peralta/Gallardo) in the game. We were a very useful team in the second half and were very unlucky to not take the draw – Moreno is usually automatic at the spot. The only thing the first half tells us is how utterly useless Dyachenko is and how much of a numpty Soehn is for starting him.
    Other than that, the crowd was good, the atmosphere was fantastic, and the football was mostly very enjoyable.

  6. Some of us are tired of DC humiliating this league and performing so poorly in international events.

    Kartik is so up Kevin Payne and SCUMs rear end it is not funny so when writes a piece this critical you know it was a disaster.

    Knowing DC they will rally make the semifinals and lose. How many times has DC lost in the semifinal round of an international tournament? I count six times! And they’ve won only once.


  7. Metrofan,

    Embarrass MLS? Maybe yesterday but hardly ever in the past. It’s the teams that have gone down to Central America and been smoked who have discredited the league.

    Am I to assume you are for Santos tonight, and Atlante tomorrow out of your pure hatred for your clubs rivals rather than supporting our teams in this competition?

  8. dc is only side of mls with respect in south america. dc is slipping though. gallardo is hardly the player he was. same for martinez. both were once superb.

  9. I think it must be stated, Saturday was the first time DC United has ever lost to a Mexican team at home.

    DC was without 3 starters.

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