Even though NBC put a hefty chunk of the Premier League opening weekend on Peacock, that did not slow down the viewers from watching. The biggest game on the service of the weekend, Liverpool’s trip down south to play Chelsea, broke the record in terms of average minute audience for a Premier League game on Peacock. In other words, more people were streaming the contest simultaneously throughout the game than any other Premier League fixture ever.

NBC revealed that the average minute audience for the Chelsea-Liverpool game on Peacock was 973,000. This was a 12% increase on the game that previously held the record. Liverpool and Arsenal held an average minute audience of 872,000 fewer viewers on Peacock on April 9 last season.

NBC will welcome the bump in streamers, particularly as the season continues. Last season, several games were exclusive to Peacock. Both Manchester City games against challenging Arsenal were available exclusively on Peacock in the United States. Consequently, the streaming service is becoming more important to watch the Premier League. Moreover, NBC puts Goal Rush, the whiparound show, exclusively on Peacock each weekend.

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Peacock is essential to the Premier League audience in the United States. Each weekend, it has four to six exclusive Premier League games as well as the simulcast of the 12:30 p.m. kickoff on Saturday, which is simulcast from NBC. Then, Goal Rush provides coverage of games during the 10 a.m. kickoff window on Saturdays.

Peacock Premier League record shapes up big season for NBC

The first week of games is always going to be momentous for broadcasters. This is particularly true for NBC when it has two heavyweights like Chelsea and Liverpool playing. It was the biggest game in the Premier League in a prime slot. Therefore, it is no surprise to see a big audience. However, for the game to break the record could be a huge boost for the broadcaster.

While it will be a hard record to beat because of this game’s aplomb, there will be more high-profile games as the season unfolds. If there is a title decider like the Manchester City-Arsenal games from last season, those could be a contender to break this recent record.

PHOTO: IMAGO / PRiME Media Images