NBCUniversal continues to evolve its Peacock streaming service for US fans of European soccer. Beginning this week, Peacock is rolling out a brand-new feature called Premier League Data Zone, which incorporates live data analysis into broadcasts of select Premier League matches.

Premier League Data Zone features live augmented graphics and overlays, so you can see pertinent data that is collected from live player tracking systems. It’ll include on-pitch graphics and a border around the corner of the screen providing other game and player statistics.

Premier League Data Zone: Where to see it in action

Beginning Sunday, April 9, Peacock offers two streams of Liverpool against Arsenal. You can watch the NBC Sports main match production featuring commentator Peter Drury. Then a second stream of the game will be available in its US debut featuring commentators from the world-feed.

Some of the statistics tracked and can be shown on screen include:

  1. Real-time team and player statistics including passing accuracy, touches, sprints and total distance traveled, dribbles and opponents bypassed, pressures, and much more
  2. A live player movement tracker
  3. Player name graphics of whomever is possessing the ball
  4. On-pitch shot speed graphics

During April 2023, Premier League Data Zone is available for four games in total on Peacock. In addition to Liverpool versus Arsenal, it’ll be available on:

Manchester City vs Arsenal, April 26, 3PM ET (Peacock)
Spurs vs Man United, April 27, 3:15PM ET (Peacock)
Arsenal vs Chelsea, April 29, 12:30PM ET (NBC and Peacock)

Other enhancements expected on Peacock during 2023 is the addition of 4K streams for select Premier League games. Currently, Peacock is available for $4.99 per month, and also includes the 24/7 Premier League TV Channel in addition to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Liverpool plays Arsenal on Sunday, April 9 at 11:30AM ET. The game is available exclusively via Peacock Premium.