The payoff for fans of Premier League clubs subscribing to Peacock Premium is real. Not only is the service enhancing the Premier League experience, but there are some really exciting developments in the works. That includes plans for Peacock to stream 4K Premier League games beginning next year.

Speaking by phone to World Soccer Talk, Peacock’s SVP, Product & UX John Jelley broke the news to us.

“We have got plans for Dolby Atmos in the works alongside 4K next year. We’re also planning 5.1 audio next year as well.

“I think those will make a real improvement to the premium experience of the game for those who have the capabilities to watch it in 4K, Dolby Atmos or 5.1 audio.”

The fact that Peacock has plans for 4K Premier League games is music to the ears of soccer fans. That’s in addition to all of the soccer programming on Peacock’s schedule.

Current availability of Premier League games in 4K

Currently, broadcasts of Premier League games in 4K are available via fuboTV, YouTube TV and DirecTV. Approximately 15 matches per month are available in 4K, which is a sizable increase compared to last season.

There’s no doubt that the picture quality of a game in 4K is far superior especially on a big TV.

Peacock already rolling out 4K programming

Available for $4.99 per month, Peacock Premium is already rolling out 4K programming for its movies. That includes The Black Phone, Uncut Gems, select films in the Fast and Furious series and more, according to reports.

The list of devices that are supported by Peacock is too long to mention here. But it’s safe to say that it’s available across every popular media device from your computer, phone, smart TV and media player.

To learn more about Peacock Premium, visit their official website where more details are available.