If you want to watch soccer games at the same time, fuboTV’s Multiview feature is what you need.

For instance, with the final days of the FIFA World Cup Group Stage games happening at the same time, you can watch both games at the same time, side by side.

The Multiview feature on fuboTV allows you to watch up to four broadcasts at the same time. But if you’re interested in focusing on two games instead, it’s easy with fuboTV.

How fuboTV’s Multiview feature works

There are two most important things to know about fuboTV’s Multiview feature. First, it’s only available to fuboTV subscribers using an Apple TV. Second, fuboTV offers a free 7-day trial, so you can test it out to see how it works.

According to fuboTV, “We intend to keep improving the Multiview experience and are currently looking into how to bring it to our other apps and supported devices.”

Within fuboTV Multiview, there are plenty of features such as the ability to add and remove channels from the up to 4 you can watch at the same time. Plus you can choose which game you want to listen to the audio on. You can switch back and forth depending how the action is unfolding.

You can also make one of the channels larger in size than the other. Plus you can make one of them fullscreen if you want to concentrate on that game.

Select one of the smaller channels to swap it to the larger window Select the larger channel to make it fullscreen Press the Menu button on your remote while viewing a channel fullscreen to return to Multiview

Watch soccer games at the same time with Multiview

If you have an Apple TV and you’ve signed up for fuboTV either as a subscriber or on a free trial, here’s how to access Multiview:

When you select a channel to watch on fuboTV, you’ll see a page of viewing options. Select “View in MultiView.”

Then, to watch another soccer game at the same time, use your remote control and push the down button. You’ll then see all of the channels to choose from. Scroll to the left or right, and when you find the channel you want to add to Multiview, click “Add to Multiview.”

Advantages of fuboTV Multiview

Without Multiview, you need two TV screens or devices side by side to try to replicate the same experience.

Watching fuboTV on an Apple TV also allows you to use the ESPN+ Multicast feature, so you can watch 4 games at the same time.

Sometimes there are so many games to choose from that it pays to watch soccer games at the same time.