Competing in the Echo Junior Football League where David Beckham first got his start as a youth footballer, Disney+‘s new series Save Our Squad features four episodes about the Westward Boys, an under-14 team from east London.

In the series, Beckham is tasked with saving the team from being relegated to the league below. With this in mind, most of the series gravitates around David Beckham, including his triumphs and failures as a footballer. However, he shares his life experiences to inspire the boys to play as a team. He encourages them not to get frustrated, and to instead learn to focus on the game and their own play. Plus Save Our Squad helps them better understand the game, not only from other teammates views but from the coaches as well.  

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We all know the David Beckham story and he definitely inspired the kids by not only developing a relationship with them but by being able to offer them privileges too. For instance, Beckham took the players to see the England squad train at St George’s Park National Football Centre. Plus, the young teens get a tour of Wembley Stadium, where they were surprised to see their own custom jerseys in the dressing room.

Save Our Squad: Disney+’s soccer series

As I watched the Save Our Squad series on Disney+, I found the stories about the children were addicting. To me, I enjoyed watching and learning about the different life stories of all of the teens. I also was swept away by how much Beckham appeared to be very down to earth, and how he talked to the coaches, kids and parents like friends.

Certainly, Beckham made a positive impact on the children’s lives, and they improved a lot as athletes compared to the start of the season.

Overall, there are parts of the series that feel scripted, as well as focusing too much on Beckham. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the series, and I hope they have more seasons in the future.

Save Our Squad is available via Disney+ in the United States.