Telemundo paid tribute to Grant Wahl in a very classy way in their World Cup closing montage on Sunday.

The former FOX Sports reporter died suddenly after suffering an aortic aneurysm during the World Cup quarterfinal between Argentina and Netherlands.

In its tribute to writer, author and analyst Grant Wahl, Telemundo Deportes revealed a message at the end of their World Cup Final closing montage.

Telemundo pays tribute to Grant Wahl in World Cup montage

Lead announcer Andrés Cantor had the final say, live on Telemundo Deportes:

It’s customary for broadcasters to show a World Cup Final closing montage at the end of their month-long broadcast. For instance, BBC had an incredible one. Telemundo’s was just as good, too.

So, during Telemundo’s World Cup Final closing montage, the Spanish-language broadcaster had the following message for viewers in the United States:

It read:

“In memory of our colleague and friend:

Grant Wahl – R.I.P.”

Wahl, who was a trailblazer in US soccer, was 49 when he died. May he rest in peace.

FOX Sports tribute to Grant Wahl

Other than a 60 second tribute from FOX Sports presenter Rob Stone, FOX Sports have been very quiet about his death on television.

The former FOX Sports reporter had been critical of FOX’s decision to not report on off-the-field controversies at Qatar. And with Qatar being the lead sponsor for FOX’s coverage of the World Cup, it appeared that FOX Sports were reluctant to give Wahl a fitting tribute beyond what Stone shared.

After Grant Wahl left FOX Sports, it gave him the opportunity to be more vocal and critical in his analysis. As an independent reporter, like us at World Soccer Talk, he was able to speak his mind without interference from his previous employer such as FOX Sports.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Sportimage