The CBS Champions League coverage crew is making another trip to the United States with two days of coverage in Miami. Last season, the talented team was in New York City to cover a pair of group-stage matchdays. This year, the crew is going south, where it is a little warmer, at the end of November. Just like last time, the crew is inviting viewers out to show off their jerseys and take part in some of the other festivities.

The CBS crew is traveling to The Deck at Island Gardens. This location will have a view of downtown Miami. There, the crew will partake in watching games with American fans and see how they analyze the UEFA Champions League. The crew is in Miami for Champions League games on Nov. 28 and 29. Aligning with the Champions League schedule, that is on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively.

Host Kate Abdo is joining Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher, Thierry Henry and Peter Schmeichel in Miami. However, there will be various viewing areas for fans of different clubs to watch the games that are happening on those two days. Also, there will be a Golazo show, the whiparound show for the UEFA Champions League, airing in the viewing section in Miami.

Fans will have the opportunity to take pictures with the UEFA Champions League trophy and meet the cast of the UEFA Champions League coverage.

CBS Champions League crew goes to Miami to mix things up

The experience in New York City will be different from what fans can expect in Miami. CBS Sports said Miami presented an opportunity because of its diverse fan base.

Miami also has one of the most talked about soccer teams in the United States. Over the course of its studio coverage for the UEFA Champions League, the CBS crew has discussed Lionel Messi and Inter Miami. For example, Micah Richards joked about being friends with Messi while Jamie Carragher got into a social media spat with the star. Of course, Thierry Henry is a former teammate of Messi’s at Barcelona.

Kate Abdo has hosted the CBS Champions League shows from across Europe, including Bergamo, Italy, in this picture.

Unfortunately, CBS did not provide any mention of involvement with Inter Miami. However, CBS making the trip to South Florida is taking advantage of the already potent soccer market in the area.

CBS has made more frequent trips to locations in Europe. For example, the crew was in Newcastle ahead of the Magpies’ game against PSG this season. They also traveled to the Champions League Final in Istanbul last season. However, this second trip to the United States allows American fans to get involved with the coverage they watch.

On-site studio shows to come in the future

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CBS stated it does not plan to halt these trips over to the United States. The broadcasting company plans to do more of the in-person shows at other venues around the country.

CBS may take inspiration from NBC, which has done its Premier League Fan Fests across the country. Some of the venues for the Premier League Fan Fest include Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Orlando, Boston and Austin.