Peacock Premium plays a major part in American coverage of the Premier League. There are exclusive games every matchday. In some cases, there are major games only on Peacock. For example, the title-deciding games between Arsenal and Manchester City from last season were both only available via Peacock.

In that case, Peacock is necessary. Each week, there are between four and six games that are exclusive to Peacock. But, that does not mean you necessarily need the streaming service to watch the Premier League.

Instead, you can watch the Premier League without Peacock Premium on USA Network or NBC. At most kickoff times on each matchday, NBC puts a game on USA Network. That generally includes the Friday and Monday afternoon kickoffs for viewers in the United States. Then, on Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET, games historically air on NBC.

Those games that air on NBC are also available on Peacock. They are simulcast on both the NBC over-the-air channel and the streaming service. Therefore, those games are the most accessible regardless of how fans prefer to watch them. Still, whatever the case, there are Premier League games that are not on Peacock.

Watching the Premier League without Peacock Premium

As stated, there are a handful of games that are on USA Network and NBC each matchday. One way to watch these is using Fubo. Fubo has access to both USA and NBC. Even if this loses out on Peacock, you still get the majority of Premier League games. Plus, on the off chance games are on NBC’s affiliate channels, Fubo has them. For example, CNBC, SyFy and Bravo broadcasted games on Championship Sunday in the 2022/23 season. Each of those is available on Fubo.

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Of course, Peacock Premium is a massively useful tool for Premier League fans. In addition to select games, you can watch Goal Rush. The whiparound style show dips into all the grounds during the busiest kickoff times of the weekend. That tends to be the 10 a.m. kickoff window on Saturdays. Again, Goal Rush is only available using Peacock Premium.