/ 14 days ago

Sponsors perk up as Wrexham, Ryan Reynolds land new deal

Wrexham AFC, recently promoted back to the Football League for the first time since 2008, have some new sponsors. The Welsh side has become incredibly well known abroad since the 2020 takeover by actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney. The club's increased visibility is in no small part due to the popular Welcome to Wrexham […]

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/ 41 days ago

Promotion and Relegation in the USA: The Big Debate

The latest episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast is presented by Sling. Hosted by Christopher Harris and Kartik Krishnaiyer, this episode debates promotion and relegation in the USA. It's a bigger topic now more than ever, and we dissect the pros and cons of the system. Some of the questions we answer are: Can […]

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/ 44 days ago

Wrexham Increasing Interest in Lower-League US Soccer

The latest episode of the World Soccer Talk Podcast is presented by Sling. Hosted by Christopher Harris and Kartik Krishnaiyer, this episode discusses how Wrexham is increasing the interest in lower-league soccer in the United States. The success of the fifth division team was the biggest soccer story from this past weekend, arguably bigger than […]

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/ 109 days ago

Hugh Jackman offered chance to co-own soccer teams in England

Actor Hugh Jackman has revealed that several UK clubs who are rivals of Ryan Reynolds’ owned AFC Wrexham offered him a seat on the board. In an interview with Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC, the Australian was asked if he would consider purchasing a team, citing Manchester United who are up for sale. The 54-year-old said, “Man […]


/ 119 days ago

Wrexham popularity surges after FA Cup success story

Wrexham A.F.C. has experienced a boom in attention since the club was bought by Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney in late 2020. The FX docuseries Welcome to Wrexham also helped bring the story of the relatively small Welsh team to light. Despite currently playing in the fifth tier of English soccer, Wrexham games […]


/ 121 days ago

The Wrexham AFC story: America's new fascination

Wrexham AFC, a Welsh club in the fifth tier of the English league system, has vaulted into the consciousness of the soccer world over the past two years. To help tell their story, we spoke with soccer commentator (and lifelong Wrexham supporter) Bryn Law to learn more about the Wrexham AFC story. After being purchased […]

FA Cup

/ 124 days ago

Everyone can’t stop talking about Wrexham, even The Athletic

It seems that everyone can't stop talking about Wrexham, even MLS’s favorite publication The Athletic. Writer Pablo Maurer asked Wrexham advisor to the board Shaun Harvey why soccer fans would prefer an FA Cup match with Wrexham over an MLS one. “It’s flattering from our perspective,” said Harvey. “It’s because it isn’t usual. It isn’t […]


/ 124 days ago

Wrexham FA Cup replay added to ESPN2 vs Sheffield United

The magical Wrexham FA Cup run continues to enthrall soccer fans in the United States. And the hype of everyone's new favorite Welsh side has led to next week's Wrexham FA Cup replay airing on ESPN2, as well as ESPN+. The move to the big cable network comes after the initial FA Cup 4th Round […]


/ 127 days ago

Interest in Wrexham-Sheff Utd FA Cup game peaks on ESPN

Despite being in the English football league system, Wrexham is becoming must-watch TV for soccer fans in the United States. The Red Dragons currently play in the fifth-tiered National League in England's soccer setup. However, thanks to Hollywood owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, and the popularity of Welcome to Wrexham, the team is being […]


/ 130 days ago

Wrexham helping to grow the reach of soccer in the USA

When hit TV series Welcome to Wrexham premiered in the fall of 2022, few could have predicted that the show would help grow the popularity of soccer across the United States. But indeed it has, as well as creating a passionate fanbase of Wrexham supporters throughout North America. So, what measurable impact has Wrexham had […]


/ 131 days ago

Wrexham to appear on ESPN SportsCenter and NFL Countdown

Wrexham fever is spreading across the United States in anticipation of Sunday's FA Cup game against Sheffield United. So much so that Wrexham will be on ESPN SportsCenter. There's no doubt that American soccer fans find Wrexham compelling, but ESPN plans to amp up the excitement Sunday with wall-to-wall coverage. Beginning Sunday at 9AM, ESPN's […]