Wrexham has revealed that they have been providing players and staff at the club with Welsh language lessons. Welsh remains the official language of Wales, despite the fact that it is only spoken by around 18% of the nation’s population. According to a recent census, almost 75% of people inside the country claimed that they do not speak the language. Along with Wales, Welsh is also spoken less frequently in England, Canada, and parts of Argentina.

Nevertheless, Wrexham is attempting to embrace the native language by hiring a tutor. In a partnership with the National Center for Learning Welsh, the tutor is providing private lessons to key members of the club. This apparently includes coaches and players, as well as other public-facing employees. Along with the men’s team, the tutor is also aiding Wrexham AFC Women.

American team owners praised for their efforts in the partnership

Wrexham’s Hollywood co-owners, Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds are doing their part on the issue as well. The duo has spoken Welsh at times throughout the popular docuseries Welcome to Wrexham. Season three of the show premiered on FX back in May and just concluded on June 13th. Fans can, however, currently stream all three seasons of the award-winning series on Hulu.

Dona Lewis, the Chief Executive of the National Center for Learning Welsh, has applauded the club’s decision. Lewis particularly pointed to the positive work done by both McElhenney and Reynolds since purchasing the historic team. The club has has received plenty of attention for their performances on the pitch. However, the Americans continue to improve Wrexham behind the scenes as well.

Wrexham’s owners continue to reshape the club in preparation for life in the higher divisions
Wrexham’s owners continue to reshape the club in preparation for life in the higher divisions

Wrexham’s owners continue to reshape the club in preparation for life in the higher divisions

“The passion and enthusiasm Wrexham AFC and its owners, Rob and Ryan, have for both Wrexham and Wales is clear for all to see, and we’re delighted to support them with this new venture,” stated Lewis.

“Our bespoke learning program will enable the club to strengthen the Welsh language skills of players, staff, and fans, creating new opportunities for people to learn and enjoy Welsh.”

Fans can also take advantage of free Welsh language lessons

Wrexham exec, Humphrey Ker, reiterated the comments made by Lewis. “Reinforcing the values, traditions and legacy of our community is a key facet of the club’s mission statement and the Welsh language is an important part of that,” proclaimed Ker.

“We’re pleased to be working with the National Center for Learning Welsh, and our staff have showed they are keen to strengthen their Welsh Language skills and utilize this collaboration as much as possible.”

“I’d like to wish a warm croeso i Wrecsam to Huw and the National Centre for Learning Welsh, and wish pob lwc to all looking to learn or strengthen their Welsh language skills.”

Welsh lessons are not only just for team members. Wrexham has also announced that fans can also take advantage of their partnership. The club is offering an online course, as well as more than 1,500 additional digital resources, in learning Welsh. The class and online tools are being provided for free.

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