Here’s our Jonathan Wilson interview, hosted by World Soccer Talk’s Kartik Krishnaiyer.

Jonathan Wilson joins World Soccer Talk to discuss his new soccer newsletter that’s written specifically for the U.S. audience, the evolution of soccer managers, his thoughts about Marcelo Bielsa and what he can accomplish at Uruguay, how writing for a U.S. audience is different, whether he feels American soccer fans are informed or not about the world’s game.

Wilson also reveals news about an updated edition of his book about Brian Clough, how he would write his Sunderland book differently now in hindsight, why Brian Clough doesn’t have as much of a legacy as other English football managers, comparing Klopp to Guardiola, and how Clough’s upbringing had an impact on his role as a manager.

The newsletter Soccer With Jonathan Wilson is available on The Guardian’s website.

Jonathan Wilson writes about football for The Guardian and Observer, including a weekly column for The Observer. He has written 11 books, including Inverting the Pyramid, and is the editor of The Blizzard.

Listen to the Jonathan Wilson interview

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