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/ 110 days ago

Jonathan Wilson interview about Bielsa, Klopp, Clough and USA

Here's our Jonathan Wilson interview, hosted by World Soccer Talk's Kartik Krishnaiyer. Jonathan Wilson joins World Soccer Talk to discuss his new soccer newsletter that’s written specifically for the U.S. audience, the evolution of soccer managers, his thoughts about Marcelo Bielsa and what he can accomplish at Uruguay, how writing for a U.S. audience is […]

Leagues: MLS

/ 5084 days ago

Is Soccer Popular In The United States, Or Not?

Let's face it. We soccer fans live in a bubble. We eat, live and breathe soccer. So much so, that it's sometimes hard to get a perspective on how popular, or unpopular, the sport is in the United States. I really enjoy speaking with people who aren't rabid soccer fans to hear their perspectives on […]
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/ 5087 days ago

Barney Ronay Interview: The World Cup

Laurence McKenna, co-host of the EPL Talk and World Cup Buzz Podcasts, recently had a golden opportunity to sit down with one of the most remarkable English football writers and authors, Barney Ronay of The Guardian and When Saturday Comes. In this second part of the interview series (part one is included below), Ronay shares […]
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/ 5099 days ago

Barney Ronay Video Interview

Barney Ronay, author and football writer for The Guardian, sat down with Laurence McKenna of EPL Talk recently for a one-on-one interview from the Guardian studos in London. Ronay discusses several topics including his favorite football manager, his favorite football writer, how he got into football journalism, what he did before he became a writer […]
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/ 5111 days ago

Interview with Barney Ronay: Champions League Trailer

If you want to get Barney Ronay's thoughts on today's Champions League Final between Inter Milan and Bayern Munich, watch this short trailer which was created and produced by the video design team of Laurence McKenna and Max Bell. The entire interview with Barney Ronay, which was filmed inside The Guardian's offices, will be released […]


/ 5127 days ago

What Will Be Your Online Destinations During World Cup 2010?

Many of us will wake up on Monday morning feeling slightly depressed that the 2009-10 Premier League season is over. All that'll remain from the English football season will be the FA Cup Final, Europa League Final and playoff matches in the Football League. Not to diminish those exciting events, but many of us will […]

Leagues: EPL

/ 5129 days ago

Tottenham Star Admits to Being Premier League Mercenary

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Tottenham Hotspur star Benoit Assou-Ekotto has proven himself to be a very honest man. If you read the interview, Assou-Ekotto talks about how football is a job for him, not a passion. That he doesn't keep friends on the team, and that the "shirt" means nothing to him, […]


/ 5135 days ago

Days of Free Football Articles on The Times Coming to an End

For those who haven't heard, starting this May-June, readers of The Times and The Sunday Times online will be forced to pay a fee or subscription in order to read news from one of Britain's biggest and most trusted news sources. Some 20 million monthly readers of the two sites will be effected by a change […]


/ 5790 days ago

Berbatov To Man United: British Newspapers Follow The Sun's Lead

The biggest news of the past 24 hours is that Manchester United has reportedly tabled an official £20 million bid for Tottenham striker Dimitar Berbatov. Problem is there's no evidence of an actual bid being made and all we have to go on is a quote from his agent in The Sun newspaper. What is […]
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/ 5821 days ago

Latest Gaffe Confirms The Premier League's Biggest Weakness Is The League Itself

You have to hand it to the Premier League at times; when it decides they really want to shoot a hole in their foot, they know how to do it with little effort. The Guardian broke an exclusive story today on comments made by Sir David Richards, chairman of the Premier League for the last […]


/ 5835 days ago

BBC Launches Euro 2008 Blog

There are only 11 days (or 264 hours) between now and the beginning of Euro 2008, and it all seems a lot like World Cup 2006 all over again.To me, World Cup 2006 was the zenith of soccer coverage on the Internet. I watched all of the matches on a daily basis from my desktop […]


/ 5847 days ago

Shinawatra Wants To Sell Entire Manchester City Squad. Or Does He?

The Daily Express newspaper is reporting that Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has sent a letter to each Man City player saying that he's dissatisfied with the team's performance in the second half of the year, that each player is up for sale and that he plans on having an entirely new squad before the […]