There are reports that Manchester United may no longer be for sale.

It is said that the Glazers haven’t gotten anywhere near the asking price they wanted for the club and plan to take it off the market.

This follows a statement by the Glazer family in November that they would look at all of their choices as they try to get more investors or a full sale.

Three public rounds of bids have taken place for the Premier League giants. Since then, Sheikh Jassim of Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe of INEOS have become the most likely choices to become the new main owner of the club.

The two businessmen presented divergent offers.

Sheikh Jassim solely sought a complete acquisition, whereas Ratcliffe was open to retaining the Glazer family’s involvement with a smaller ownership share, roughly around 20 percent.

Glazers to try and sell club again in 2025

However, the validity of the whole selling process will be called into question by this new revelation. According to the Daily Mail, the club’s owners demand an insane $12.6 billion to sell the Red Devils.

After receiving offers much below its asking price, the club’s owners have decided to pull it from sale until 2025. The report adds that they likely anticipate a more competitive bidding process in two years due to an improved economic climate.

The Glazers are supposedly delaying a sale to enjoy the enlarged Club World Cup in 2025, get a lucrative TV rights agreement for the Premier League, and the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

What do United fans say?

The Glazer family has been the target of ongoing protests from Manchester United fans, who had hoped a takeover would be finalized by the beginning of 2023.

If this turns out to be true, it would mean that attempting to take over the Red Devils has been a futile endeavor for all those involved.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Colorsport