Now that Brazil is out of the 2010 World Cup after a underwhelming performance against a very strong Dutch team, the favorites no longer have a chance to win the tournament. But who do you think will now win the World Cup?

Before we get to the poll below, I would like to add that I thought Brazil’s performance today was dire. For a team with so much talent, why did they spend so much time arguing with the referee and trying to convince the official to award yellow cards against the Dutch? Yes, the Dutch are a physical side and Arjen Robben has a penchant for diving. But those antics by Brazil completely got them focused on the wrong aspects of the game.

Felipe Melo must feel a lot like David Beckham did in the 1998 World Cup. In a game that Brazil had the advantage, they quickly threw it away when Melo dug his boot into Robben who had just fallen to the floor. Sure, Robben is annoying and he likes he win free kicks. But for Melo to kick him so violently the way that he did is completely uncalled for. It lost Brazil the game just as David Beckham’s kick out lost England the game against Argentina in 1998.

The Netherlands today was lucky. They didn’t play up to their abilities but they did well to come back against a tough Brazilian side. And now they face the prospect of playing a World Cup semi-final match on Tuesday. Congratulations to the Dutch.

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