It’s time to get introspective and to think back to the entire World Cup tournament thus far and to ask you to pick out your favorite moment. It could have been a goal, it could have been a save, it could be anything World Cup 2010 related.

This is a tricky question because there have been so many wonderful moments. The injury-time winner by Landon Donovan against Algeria. The incredible last few minutes of the Uruguay against Ghana game where the unthinkable happened. Carlos Tevez’s rocket for Argentina against Mexico. The goal by South Africa to open the tournament. The senile Raymond Domenech refusing to shake hands with South Africa’s manager at the game of their game. Seeing Fabio Capello make a mockery of Stuart Pearce. Any of David Villa’s beautiful goals for Spain this tournament. And so on.

But for me, my favorite moment of the World Cup was the unbelievable goal by Giovanni van Bronckhorst against Uruguay. It was one of those shots that reminded me of the 1978 World Cup by Nene Cubillas of Peru where the ball seem to be sucked up into the top corner of the net. Except, for van Bronckhorst, the goal came from open play. Despite all of the issues with the Jabulani ball, he hit it so inch-perfect that it sailed into the top corner past the reach of Uruguay goalkeeper Fernando Muslera. It was a shot that no goalkeeper in the world could stop. Even the way the ball hit the top corner of the post and went in was perfect. It’s the type of shot that someone can take fifty times and only get it so perfect one time.

Not only does the thunderstrike go down as the best goal of the 2010 World Cup, but it’s also one of the best goals ever scored in any World Cup.

How about you? What’s been your favorite moment of the 2010 World Cup? Share your story in the comments section below.