Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) has announced the launch of a unique investment program for soccer fans around the world. Potential investors will get the chance to become official stakeholders in the club. The move is the first of its kind by an American soccer team.

The USL Championship side is widely considered to be one of the top American clubs for youth player development. In fact, OCSC previously made headlines for selling a handful of youngsters to major European teams in recent years. This accomplishment is aided by their partnership with reigning Dutch champions Feyenoord and Scottish giants Rangers.

“Orange County Soccer Club is one of the few significant grassroots success stories in US Soccer over the past decade,” proclaimed OCSC owner and CEO James Keston.

“Our club has achieved each and every one of the goals we set out eight years ago, and we have done so while competing with billionaire-owned MLS teams with 25 times our budget and operating in the talent-rich OC market alongside some of the most powerful youth soccer clubs in the United States.”

Investment into Orange County brings perks along with shares

Soccer fans here in the United States can start investing in OCSC right away via tech platform Republic. Financing in the program begins at just $100. For just one Benjamin Franklin, fans will receive an official certificate of ownership, a shareable social media graphic, as well as an owner’s pin.

Nevertheless, perks gradually increase depending on how much each fan commits to the club. Investors reaching the $25,000 level will get a five-year President Club season ticket, as well as special privileges with players on the team. This includes private dinners and even a round of golf with a player. European investors are, however, set to receive fairly different rewards.

Europeans can buy into team from afar as well

The program for European fans will launch in the near future via crowdfunding platform Seedrs. This happens to be the same tech company that hosted a similar move by AFC Wimbledon.

“This opportunity allows fans all over the world to own their slice of our unique club with its community feel and global reach, to own a slice of the growth of soccer in America, and to own a slice of the team playing in orange in one of the most idyllic parts of the world,” stated OCSC exec Dan Rutstein. “Who wouldn’t want their chance to own a piece of a club like ours?”

A parade featuring new owners of the club will take place prior to their next home playoff match. OCSC hosts El Paso Locomotive on Saturday, Oct. 21, in the Western Conference quarterfinals. Fans here Stateside have already invested nearly $70,000 in the club within the first few hours of posting. OCSC is hoping to reach about $1.2 million in total investments.