The leaked kits for the USA in 2023 feature some different designs. No, the striped ‘Where’s Waldo’ kit is still not there, despite calls for it from many US fans. Still, these two kits, expected to be worn in the 2023 Women’s World Cup, are unique in their own way.

Starting with the supposed home kit, it is a standard white shirt with the USA badge, according to Footy Headlines. However, the standout feature is a splatter design that has red and blue dots around it. In a way, it is a similar style to the training shirt worn by the men at the 2022 World Cup. It was a tie dye shirt of red white and blue.

This home kit, though, is what the USWNT will wear in game when it defends another World Cup. It is a unique shirt, at least for a game kit, but it is somewhat disorderly. Then, the same goes for the away shirt.

Blue is the theme for the 2023 USA away kit. Yet, the first thing you may notice is the wavy pattern on vertical stripes. It resembles the distortion a thin-striped shirt makes when it is on video. The illusory motion certainly catches the eye, and this Nike-designed kit can certainly do the same for the USA in its soccer fixtures.

The badge on the blue shirt has an ode to the splatter design that the white shirt bears. The white dots do not overlap the USA logo on the badge, but they are certainly noticeable upon further inspection. Finally, the sleeves and collar have a zig-zag finish that resembles the Premier League theme.

USA kits in 2023 to go to both USWNT and USMNT

While their international tournaments do not line up, it is more than likely that these kits will feature for both the mean and women. The USWNT are the highlight, though. Their World Cup defense is the main focus for US Soccer in 2023. Meanwhile, the USMNT only has friendlies and CONCACAF Nations League games. Still, that includes a potential CONCACAF Nations League Final in mid-June in Las Vegas.

There is also a strong likelihood that, as the Women’s World Cup nears, Nike will release more kits that are similar to this one. The 2022 World Cup in Qatar had a number of similar designs by Nike, just with adjusted colorways for different nations.