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/ 23 days ago

Outrage erupts over Noel Gallagher Manchester City kit collab

Manchester City unveiled its new 2024-25 season home kit with a unique twist: a custom font designed by Noel Gallagher. The new jersey is already causing a stir among fans and critics alike due to its distinctive design choices. Manchester City are aiming to maintain is incredible domination in the next season, after a fourth […]


/ 63 days ago

Pulisic and Musah to don different names on Milan kits

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, several Serie A teams will switch the names on their players' jerseys. In effort to honor both sets of parents, the jerseys will include the mothers' last names (i.e. maiden names) rather than the fathers'. This year, it's for more than just Mother's Day in Italy; it's also […]


/ 225 days ago

Controversial twist: England new away kit set to stir discussion

The England national team abandoned tradition in the wake of the unveiling of the Euro 2024 away kit. When images of England's 2024 European Championship home jersey began making the rounds online earlier this month, supporters went crazy. Fans are said to be excited about it, and a lot of them are praising the design […]

Cristiano Ronaldo

/ 239 days ago

What do the position numbers mean in soccer?

In terms of participation rates, soccer dominates all other sports worldwide. There are over 250 million players in over 200 nations, and training may begin as early as the age of three. That does not even take into consideration the approximately 3.5 billion supporters throughout the globe. People often flock to play soccer since it […]

football kits

/ 481 days ago

USA 2023 kits feature wavy and splatter designs

The leaked kits for the USA in 2023 feature some different designs. No, the striped 'Where's Waldo' kit is still not there, despite calls for it from many US fans. Still, these two kits, expected to be worn in the 2023 Women's World Cup, are unique in their own way. Starting with the supposed home […]


/ 796 days ago

Photos of alleged USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online

When we heard reports that the USMNT World Cup shirts leaked online, we had to take a closer look. We wanted to share what they look like as well as giving our opinion on them. First things first, these shirts are simply rumored to be the final World Cup shirts. Oftentimes, especially for clubs, a […]

Leagues: La Liga

/ 5590 days ago

Spain Present New Jersey For Confederations Cup

I am kind of in limbo regarding the new Spain jersey. There are certain things that I like about it, but then I look at it in a different light and eventually change my mind. The first person I thought about was my friend Elisa. I some aspects it has personality, hell much more than […]
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AC Milan

/ 6029 days ago

Beckham In His AC Milan Kit

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