For the second year running, Tottenham have cited the cost-of-living crisis as the justification for keeping season ticket prices frozen. This announcement was made in April, although all is not well on this front.

However, the fans’ trust has claimed that they were informed on Friday of an increase in match day tickets prices. These are expected to be implemented for the forthcoming season and that there would be six Category A matches, the most expensive bracket.

Spurs increase ticket prices by astonishing 20%

The price of a Category A match ticket has increased to $83, with that price being offered in just two sections of the stadium. There are some tickets available for as much as $132 for only one game.

The team from North London had their worst Premier League season in 14 years. While Spurs supporters are struggling to make ends meet during the cost of living crisis in Britain, the club’s leadership has decided to raise ticket prices.

What did the Tottenham Supporters’ Trust say?

“We are aware of the club’s plans to increase match day ticket prices for the 2023/24 season. Our ticketing team was informed of the plans to increase match day pricing on Friday morning. The club is aware THST lobbied for a price freeze on all match day pricing and, having been informed this (Friday) morning, we along with the wider fanbase have been told rather than consulted. This must change if dialogue is to happen and supporter input is genuinely desired,” a statement read.

“The club knows this is something THST cannot support and we feel an increase of this magnitude is excessive. Our match tickets are already amongst the most expensive in the Premier League and fans should not have to dig further into their pockets when they are already seeing their living standards squeezed by the cost-of-living crisis.”

“Whilst we recognize the increased operational costs and lack of European revenue for this coming season, we believe there are other ways the club can generate this lost revenue. This burden should never be pushed on to match-going supporters.”

Photo credit: IMAGO / Action Plus