Sneijder (the ‘j’ is silent) was evidently in The Zone back in his Ajax days. By comparison, his best-of reel from Real Madrid are closer in and more on the cheeky side. Yet this is an index of the quality in store for Internazionale.

At Inter now, Mourinho was looking for a trequartista, but Sneijder brings also a discerning nose for goal. A distance dangerman tends to pull the opposing center-backs out, which creates room behind. It’s a cascading effect.

Now we add Diego Milito & Samuel Eto’o the mix, and Inter’s attack explodes with potential … much as we saw in the Milan Derby where two of the four goals came on the end of very fast passing triangles around the box.

This is nothing against the departing Ibra — all class — whom we wish well at Barça.

Inter’s canny additions are promising for a club not in need of an overhaul.