The “Championship Talk” show originally scheduled as per usual for Monday, 10 Dec. has been delayed to Wednesday, 12 Dec., due to unexpected technical glitches and scheduling conflicts this week. Apologies for the inconvenience…if signs of withdrawal syndrome are starting to set in, please refer to our 5 suggestions below on how to cope with the pain:

1. Older episode(s) may be fun to listen to…especially for the first time in the case of new listeners. “Gaffer Go Round” and “Glad All Over” are two of our personal favourites.
2. Sleeping pills until Wednesday….some of the over-the-counter stuff these days is not bad.
3. You might get an emailed photo from Georgie if you ask nicely. Brian’s on Facebook.
4. There may be subliminal messages if you play the recent shows backwards (or not).
5. Alcohol….Brian recommends Johnnie Walker Black….Georgie enjoys red wine, especially during the “festival” season.