Harsh criticism and related suspensions have led to Luis Rubiales, the President of the Football Association in Spain, resigning from his post. Rubiales notoriously kissed Spain star Jenni Hermoso after Spain won the 2023 Women’s World Cup. Despite widespread requests for his resignation, Rubiales protested what he called a “social assassination” from critics.

On Sunday, RFEF, the Spanish Football Federation, confirmed Rubiales presented his resignation. The decision ended the drawn-out saga that included Rubiales’s mother going on a hunger strike at a Spanish church. Yet, the move is paramount for Spanish soccer.

Players from the World Cup-winning squad call for change in the Spanish ranks. This helps answer one of the many rousing issues in Spanish soccer. While unrelated, the top Spanish women’s soccer division, the Liga F, went on strike due to pay discrepancies. Rubiales’s resignation at least answers one of the concerns the executives in RFEF face.

Luis Rubiales also featured on Piers Morgan Uncensored in an exclusive interview. There, he discussed how he cannot continue his work.

Spain can move on from Luis Rubiales after resignation

Rubiales’s resignation helps allow 81 players to return. Those players, which include the 23 winners from the Women’s World Cup, vowed they would never represent Spain so long as Rubiales retained his post as President of the Federation. The controversy surrounding the Federation led to the sacking of Jorge Vilda, the head coach of the women’s team from the World Cup.

Now, Rubiales focuses on the legal battle. Rubiales faces a legal complaint regarding sexual assault and coercion. Jenni Hermoso testified against Rubiales on Tuesday. According to reports, a sexual assault charge carries a potential fine or up to four years in prison.

Rubiales’s conduct during the Women’s World Cup Final went far beyond just kissing Jenni Hermoso. Cameras spotted Rubiales repeatedly grabbing his crotch while near Spanish royalty in the stands. Then, after the game, he was in the squad’s locker room telling them he would pay for a trip to Ibiza. There, Rubiales said he would marry Hermoso.