A massive injury crisis has hit the Premier League. It’s not at Newcastle United, nor Everton. Instead it’s in the snowy slopes of Vail, Colorado in the United States.

Richard Steadman, the top football-serving surgeon in the world is himself injured after breaking an arm in a skiing accident. The doctor to the stars is the safest pair of hands in football and specializes in knee surgery. And the injury to the doctor will definitely trouble medical experts at Premier League clubs and football clubs around the world.

For example, Steadman’s injury means that James Vaughan’s surgery will be delayed, which will increase the time until Vaughan makes a return to Everton. It’ll also undoubtedly cause delays in the surgeries for other professional footballers.

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For Steadman, it must be nice for his practice to be located in beautiful Vail and have some of the top athletes from around the world travel directly to his offices. For the players themselves, surgery is never a likeable prospect but at least they have the opportunity to travel to Vail to have it done.