Ahead of Everton’s next match against Manchester United, Sky Sports is taking precautions to guarantee that fans’ inappropriate vocabulary is not heard.

This Sunday will be Everton’s first game back in action after a ten-point deduction for failing to comply with Premier League profit and sustainability regulations. They will welcome sixth-place Manchester United at the Goodison Park in Liverpool.

A fiery atmosphere is guaranteed at Goodison, where both the on-field and off-field action is going to be riveting. Three wins out of their previous six games puts the Toffees in a respectable position, and they will be hoping to capitalize on the frustration of their home crowd.

Sean Dyche’s Everton are currently 19th in the league, two points from safety after the penalty sent them tumbling back into the relegation zone. According to the league’s profit and sustainability regulations, the Merseyside earned the largest points deduction in the division.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Toffees expressed their belief that the penalty was unfair. They also asserted their intention to closely observe any future decisions on the Premier League’s profit and sustainability regulations. This seemed like a jab at the pending penalties Manchester City faces. The Sky Blues are subject to 115 allegations of violations of financial regulations.

Fiery protests planned at Goodison

Like the club officials, the fans want to arrange a demonstration during their Premier League match. This voices displeasure with the latest decision. A group of Everton fans known as the 1878s will distribute “Premier League corrupt” banners outside the stadium.

Everton fans have not been shy to get rowdy during games, as they are some of the most passionate in the Premier League.

Flags and banners will be present at both the Park End and Gwladys Street End, according to The Times. One banner reads: “Where there is power, money and greed, there is corruption.”

There is another that reads: “Dogs of War” will emerge to support Sean Dyche and the squad. Furthermore, the protest organizers sent a rallying cry to all Goodison Park supporters. They urge their fellow fans to yell “Premier League, corrupt as f***” at the 10-minute mark. As an appeal approaches, supporters are urging for a reduction in the club’s sentence.

Sky Sports to battle protest from Everton crowd

Consequently, Sky Sports plans to intervene against a protest from Everton fans in the crowd. This ensures insults directed at the Premier League during Sunday’s live broadcast are mute.

In extreme cases, the broadcaster may even resort to employing a pre-recorded audience to meet the broadcasting regulations. According to the rules set down by broadcast regulator Ofcom, TV stations cannot air anything that might offend viewers.

The Times adds there are worries about families and children watching the game in the 4:30 p.m. local time kickoff. Based on their internal discussion, Sky Sports has decided to take action to safeguard its fans. So, they will try to reduce the amount of profanity that airs.

Whenever this has happened before, the broadcasters have toned down the audience’s loudness or even used recorded crowd noise.