Some of my fellow Lillywhites at Tottenham have some very rude comments about Arsene Wenger. There is one song that ends in “Wenger is a [explicative] pedophile”.

I hate it. It lacks class or common decency. But football supporters aren’t always the classiest people when it comes to rivalry, as we all know. I’ve said things about Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees that are shameful.

But fans are just fans and don’t get press coverage. For the chairman of Bayern Munich to call Arsene Wenger a child-trafficker (which isn’t that far off from a pedo) is downright libelous. The entirety of the Bavarian club should be disgusted and ashamed by such a evil comment by the man who runs their club. Rumminege, himself trafficked at the tender age of 19 from Borussia Lippstadt, should be forced to step down in shame immediately, although that might actually benefit Bayern in the long term.

And to make matters worse, he’s a hypocrite. He signed both Toni Kroos and Breno at age 17, moving one from the Baltic to Bavaria and uprooting the other from Brazil. To him a 16 year old is a child but within the span of a year they have turned into men. He is ignorant on a level that baffles me.

In the long run there is a discrepancy between English law and continental law, which allows professional contracts to be tendered at age 16 in the UK. This allows EPL clubs a an extra year to sign promising youngsters. So yes, Wenger was able to sign Cesc Fabregas at 16. I don’t know which age should be the minimum age, but it’s an issue for Platini and UEFA. It is not a reason for the head of a German club to attack a manager, who has broken no laws, publicly. But to compare him to people who sell children for the sex trade is beyond anything I can remember in football. If Rummenigge is allowed to continue with the club then I will have nothing but contempt for them henceforth.

And this is coming from a person who despises Arsene Wenger.