Fans of Inter Miami received a survey this week to get their opinions about which ticket prices they’d be willing to pay for an assortment of reserved seating as well as VIP seats and other options. The club was quick to note that the survey is for research purposes.

Under current plans, the entire length of one of the sides of the field at Miami Freedom Park is 100% reserved for premium seats. Those include club seating, group seating, and suites. For the entire length of a soccer sideline to be reserved exclusively for premium seats is extremely uncommon.

While prices are for research purposes to gauge which options fans are willing to pay, a season ticket with “Club Lounge” access ranged from $6,400 to $23,150 each, which includes access to the club lounge plus food and beverage.

For reserved seats, season tickets range from $1,000 to $3,875 each.

An email from Inter Miami said that the purpose of the survey was to collect “the thoughts and opinions regarding potential ticket offerings, pricing, and packaging.”

The stadium plan for the new Inter Miami stadium
The stadium plan for the new Inter Miami stadium

The stadium plan for the new Inter Miami stadium

Background on Miami Freedom Park

In August 2023, Inter Miami broke ground on Miami Freedom Park, which will be Lionel Messi’s new home in 2025.

The club released a statement confirming the news at the time. “Inter Miami CF today announced that construction began on Miami Freedom Park earlier this month.

“The Inter Miami CF stadium, 58-acre public park, and entertainment district at Miami Freedom Park are scheduled to open in 2025. The official groundbreaking ceremony will take place later this year.

“Miami Freedom Park is a 131-acre development anchored by a new 25,000-seat futbol specific stadium.”

The Major League Soccer (MLS) team is moving from Fort Lauderdale to construct a new venue near Miami International Airport. David Beckham and the club’s board have long aimed to build a cutting-edge stadium reflecting the franchise’s future aspirations.

Inter Miami’s private owners are fully supporting the development of Miami Freedom Park by investing money into its development. On top of that, Vice City anticipates over $40 million in annual tax income from the site.

It will also provide 15,000 employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly. The Inter Miami faithful will continue to use DRV PNK Stadium as their home game venue.

The moniker comes from a sponsorship agreement with AutoNation, a Fort Lauderdale-based car store actively involved in cancer research and treatment drives.

What are the season ticket prices?

This week, Inter Miami sent their supporters a poll asking them to rate various types of reserved seating, VIP seats, and other alternatives based on their willingness to pay.

Interestingly, this survey is only for academic reasons, as the club was careful to point out. Per Inter Miami’s email, they wanted to get “the thoughts and opinions regarding potential ticket offerings, pricing, and packaging”.

The present layout of Miami Freedom Park has luxury seats all the way along one side of the field. Suites, group seats, and club seating are all part of this category. Rarely does a soccer sideline have luxury seats that stretch the whole length of the field.

Miami will use these prices to see what kinds of alternatives fans are ready to pay for in their study. However, season tickets that come with “Club Lounge” access—which includes food and drink—cost anywhere from $6,400 to $23,150 per person.

Prices for season tickets with reserved seats start at $1,000 and go up to $3,875. On the other hand, the uncolored areas depict the premium seat sections.

Stadium to offer more amenities

The new Inter Miami stadium will be located in a 58-acre park that will also serve as a community center and include soccer and child sporting grounds. Office space, a hotel, stores, and restaurants will house just some of the commercial and leisure options there.

The project team includes Miami-based architectural companies Arquitectonica and Manica, worldwide businesses that design arenas and stadiums. In addition, there is also CAA Icon, a corporation that manages large-scale stadium projects.

Additional retail, hotel, and commercial stages will be delivered through 2030 at Miami Freedom Park. That is especially after the completion of the stadium and the first retail and entertainment services in 2025.

Photo credit: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire.