The question of how many children the late Brazilian soccer great Pele fathered has sparked new debate. A woman claiming to be the former player’s long-lost daughter demands that his remains be exhumed.

After a protracted fight with colon cancer, Pele died on Dec. 29, 2022. The loss of probably the sport’s most iconic global personality sent shockwaves across the soccer community. Shortly after the world honored him and he received a state burial in Brazil, disputes arose around the distribution of his estate.

From his three marriages and extramarital encounters, he had seven children, some of whom came forward after he passed away. Until his death, he was wed to Marcia Aoki.

Among the three beneficiaries of Pele’s alleged bequest, his wife Marcia received 30%. His seven children were to share 60%of the total. Meanwhile, his two grandkids would each split 10%. At the time of his death, Pele’s value was less than $100 million.

Did Pele have another child?

The family of Pele may have to fight in court to prevent the exhumation of the soccer legend’s remains. The lady claiming to be the Brazilian’s daughter has requested yet another DNA test.

Brazilian news outlets have reported that 60-year-old Maria do Socorro Azevedo is claiming to be Pele’s eighth child. The Daily Star reports that the late legend included a note in his will suggesting he could have had an additional kid.

After allegedly agreeing to a paternity test, he passed away before completing it. Maria do Socorro Azevedo originally planned on testing five years ago. However, the COVID-19 outbreak and Pele’s health prevented that.

On the other hand, Edinho Nascimento and Flavia Christina, who were Pele’s biological children, allegedly consented to undergo DNA testing. The results of the DNA testing were negative, according to Edinho, who is also responsible for managing Pele’s estate.

“We have already carried out the tests and it has been confirmed that she is not our sister. We and she did it in the laboratory and it was confirmed that there is no relationship”, he said.

No other choice but Pele exhumation

According to Maria do Socorro Azevedo’s lawyer, a recent DNA test has shown strong evidence of a possible paternal connection to Pele. Mr. dos Santos Sousa has concluded that the exhumation of Pele’s corpse is the only choice.

“We have no other alternative. The exhumation request will be filed in the coming days,” he told Record TV.

“We dealt almost personally with his children and his representatives, but in our results, there was a great possibility of kinship and in their analysis, it was completely negative. We just want to resolve the situation.”

On Sunday, Maria do Socorro Azevedo made her claims about being Pele’s daughter public during an appearance on a Brazilian television show. She adamantly denied any interest in his wealth.

However, she could have the legal right to inherit from her portion of the inheritance as his eighth child. Pele was unaware that Maria’s mother, who has now passed away, was pregnant with a kid after the two had an affair in Sao Luis.