On a daytime talk show in Great Britain this week, American actress Mindy Kaling discussed her role as part-owner of Swansea City Football Club. And none other than Oprah Winfrey chimed in to say that she believes in the club and joked that she ought to invest in the Premier League side too.

Kaling, best known for her role in the American version of The Office TV series, bought shares in Swansea City in 2017 when Steve Kaplan and Jason Levien led the 68% controlling stake buy-out of the club. Along with Kaplan and Levien, there were more than 25 other investors including everyone from Landon Donovan and LA Rams co-owner Chip Rosenbloom.

At the time when the takeover was completed, Kaling held 1% of the consortium’s controlling stake, while Donovan had 0.4%.

“I’m inspired by Oprah [Winfrey],” said Kaling. “She invests in things she believes in. I believe in this team. And I think it’s a smart choice.”

Winfrey added, “I do believe in making investments in what you believe so your energy goes into the same thing that your money goes into, and that just gives it more power. So I now believe in the team. I ought to invest in the team too.”

Watch the entire discussion in the video below (starting at minute 4:13):