Massimiliano Allegri, the renowned Italian coach, is reportedly setting his sights on a managerial position in the Premier League following his departure from Juventus. But controversy marked his second Turin exit.

The club dismissed him following behavior deemed ‘incompatible with the club values’ during and after the Coppa Italia final victory over Atalanta. Despite these challenges, Allegri‘s reputation as a top-tier coach remains intact. He has a history of success with major clubs, including AC Milan and Juventus, where he won multiple Serie A titles.

Now despite receiving a lucrative offer from the Saudi Pro League, he has allegedly decided to pursue opportunities that align more closely with his career aspirations and personal preferences.

Allegri is not overly enticed by lucrative Saudi offers

Sky Italy reports that a Saudi Arabian club approached the manager with a three-year contract proposal that promised substantial financial rewards. However, the prospect of moving to the Middle East didn’t convince Allegri.

Concerns over the contract’s duration and the overall appeal of managing in the Saudi Pro League played a significant role in his decision to reject the offer. Allegri is seeking a challenge that aligns more closely with his professional goals and offers a competitive environment.

Following his exit from Juventus, Allegri has also been linked with a potential move to Lazio. The Serie A club recently parted ways with their manager, Igor Tudor, after internal disagreements. Lazio has reportedly initiated contact with Allegri, hoping to leverage his experience and expertise. However, the coach’s interest in this opportunity appears to be lukewarm. He is not particularly enthusiastic about taking the helm at Lazio, preferring instead to explore options in the Premier League.

The 56-year-old’s primary focus is now on securing a managerial role in the Premier League. The allure of England’s top-flight football, known for its competitive nature and global recognition, aligns well with Allegri’s ambitions. Despite his clear interest, no concrete offers from Premier League clubs have materialized yet. Allegri remains in a state of anticipation, ready to seize the right opportunity when it arises.

What did Allegri’s agent say?

His agent, Giovanni Branchini, highlighted this strategic patience, drawing parallels to Antonio Conte. The well-known Premier League winner waited for the right opportunity before joining Napoli.

“No, these are current events so there is absolutely nothing in the making. I believe it is the game that happens when important coaches are out of action,” Branchini told Sky Italia. “A big player like Conte has waited. I believe Conte’s match with Napoli is an exceptional one. Now there is a certain euphoria that accompanies the new players, but they are fads, for me, balance is always the least risky method.”

Branchini has also been active in exploring various options for his client. The Italian agent was in Saudi Arabia visiting Al Ittihad’s director, sparking speculation about a possible move. However, Allegri’s preference for the Premier League suggests that any discussions in the Middle East are unlikely to progress.

Sky Italia reports that Allegri is eager to return to management and is particularly interested in the English top flight. His decision to reject the Saudi offer underscores his commitment to finding a challenge that excites and motivates him. The Premier League, with its rich history and competitive landscape, represents an ideal platform for Allegri to continue his managerial journey and achieve new milestones.