Nike is a relative newcomer to the boot game. What Nike has lacked in substance they’ve usually made up in style. Their autumn ad campaign channels Irvine Welsh’s finest prose by asking us to choose; choose control, choose speed, choose accuracy, choose touch or choose 5-a-side. I chose control, specifically Nike’s CTR360 Trequartista AG. Trequartista; can a pair of boots invoke the continental flair of a Zizou or Francesco Totti? Just Do It. Or, as Cesc Fabregas would say, “Bon Appetit.”

If a typical Addidas, Umbro, or Diadora boot represents the understated beauty of a Kristen Stewart, then Nike counters with the vibrant vivaciousness of a Scarlett Johansson. The appropriate soccer shoe for each player will, of course, be determined by their level of play and playing surface. But style is universal. The CTR360s are sleek and are offered in striking color combinations. My pair came in black and red, reminiscent of a Ferrari Testarossa. As is standard for this line, there is no overhanging tongue over the laces. The unusual studding provided solid traction when zig-zagging up and down the pitch. Designed for artificial turf, I found these boots, short of mud, to be quite versatile on a variety of natural grass pitches. More serious players will want to use them solely for their intended purpose.

There was no break-in period as they felt fine from the get-go. Nike has pioneered this fresh-out-the-boxness through such upper materials as “Kanga-Lite.” Part ‘roo, part science, all-smooth. Usain Bolt-wannabes may prefer the Mercurial line, but the Trequartista still weighs in around a feathery 10.4 ounces. Their profile is sufficiently low to the earth; while angled lacing means more surface area for a superior first touch and feel.

Padded pods on the front and side further make the Trequartistas ideal for those seeking better control. There’s a softness to Nike’s new line that makes them more comfortable while still providing the rigidity and support necessary for a full force game. As a casual player I certainly enjoyed the advantage that greater surface area for touch affords as opposed to my run-of-the-mill pair.

The CTR 360 line is a game-changer for Nike. The Nike CTR 360 Trequartista is an excellent mid-level boot, and a good value between the seemingly delicate works of art found in the high-priced range and entry-level kicks. And while no pair of boots can turn an ordinary player into a Zidane or Fabregas, it doesn’t hurt to look good surging forward in a flashy pair of Nikes.

The Nike CTR360 Trequartista, along with Nike’s entire CTR360 line and other soccer shoes, can be found in a variety of sizes and colors at The friendly folks at were kind enough to give me a pair for this review.