Iconic manager Jose Mourinho will be the subject of a new documentary premiering on Netflix soon.

This new project will follow in the footsteps of last year’s Beckham documentary series on Netflix. Thus, vast new sports films are in the works for the American streaming behemoth. Of those, one will center on the manager’s tenure at Chelsea, Manchester United, Real Madrid, and Tottenham.

Released in 2025, the program is sure to be a hit. The show will focus on the contentious career of the outspoken Mourinho in addition to his notable accomplishments while managing several teams.

“Introducing Mourinho, a new documentary series focusing on one of the most successful managers of all time! Featuring exclusive interviews with the Special One himself, as well as players and peers spanning his long and illustrious career. Coming 2025”, Netflix said.

Under Mourinho’s leadership, his clubs have won the Premier League three times and the Champions League twice. He has an impressive trophy case, including the Treble with Inter and La Liga with Real Madrid. The news comes as the Portuguese manager, now unemployed after his dismissal from Italian club Roma in January due to a string of bad performances.

What did Jose Mourinho say previously?

While still in charge of Roma in early January, Mourinho leaked details about the forthcoming Netflix documentary.

“There are things that will only be known there, they pay me well! I hadn’t signed with Roma yet, but I had given my word. A club came along and wanted me to break my agreement with Roma, which hadn’t yet been signed, and I said no.”

“When the documentary comes out everyone will say I’m a total idiot. When Portugal arrived, I immediately told the president about it. Then, when Saudi Arabia arrived, I immediately told the president about it. This is why I don’t think they talk to other coaches behind my back, for me it’s not like that because there is reciprocity.”

Netflix announces a variety of other sports shows

Netflix has more soccer-themed programs in the works for its streaming schedule. In May of this year, they will release a documentary called ‘The Final: Attack on Wembley.’ It will look at the mayhem that surrounded the postponed 2020 Euro final between Italy and England at Wembley Stadium.

With the use of “first-hand testimony and visceral user-generated content,” it will provide a comprehensive account of the events leading up to the final. It will also examine the factors that caused the scenes to become so horrific.

The soccer-related content doesn’t stop there, however; it is sure to get people talking. Also, Untold UK is now available on Netflix. The show will examine some of the most significant events in international soccer. It also aims to provide viewers with an inside look at the story that fans may not have known before.

There will be a plethora of other sports shown in addition to football. For the 2024 season, a documentary series chronicling tennis great Carlos Alcaraz’s life will premiere soon.