FIFA unexpectedly revealed Morocco, Spain, and Portugal as the recipients of the 2030 World Cup.

To commemorate the tournament’s centennial, they also announced that three matches will be hosted by Uruguay, Argentina, and Paraguay.

FIFA revealed that the combined bid from Morocco, Portugal, and Spain was the only candidate in contention to host the tournament.

The inaugural World Cup took place in 1930 in Uruguay and was won by the hosts after defeating Argentina in the final in Montevideo.

This collaboration is a significant move by these three nations to secure the organization of the World Cup. Such an opportunity is highly coveted by other countries aspiring to host the most popular international competition.

Morocco challenge Spain with new mega-stadium

Under this arrangement, Morocco is set to provide six stadiums in cities like Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech, Agadir, and Fez. Spain will contribute the largest number of stadiums with nine, given their extensive soccer infrastructure. Portugal, meanwhile, will offer three soccer venues.

Preparations for the 2030 World Cup have already commenced, with 15 stadiums in Spain meeting the necessary requirements. However, there remain uncertainties regarding the distribution of matches among the three participating countries.

Spain had initially hoped to host the final of the 2030 World Cup on their own soil. Nevertheless, Morocco have their own plans, including the construction of a new stadium in Casablanca with a seating capacity of 93,000 spectators.

This stadium will meet FIFA standards and could potentially pose strong competition to Spain’s largest stadiums, such as Santiago BernabΓ©u and Camp Nou. Thus, Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo report that the North African country is keen on hosting the final of the 2030 World Cup in their own country.

Morocco’s FA given $2 billion in funds

The President of the Moroccan Football Federation, Fouzi Lekjaa, has affirmed that the new stadium in would fully comply with all the required standards. As a result, they are determined to host the final match. Additionally, Morocco may highlight the fact that the World Cup Final has only been held in Africa once, in South Africa in 2010.

Morocco World News have also added that the country has made a substantial commitment, investing approximately $2 billion for the refurbishment of six soccer stadiums and the construction of a new one.