Leagues: Liga MX

/ 74 days ago

Liga MX launches facial verification technology at stadiums

Liga MX has agreed to a new partnership with Incode Technologies that uses facial technology. The deal brings new ways to verify each and every fan inside stadiums around the country. Incode is a technology company that helps banks, healthcare systems, retailers, and now stadiums, perform secure transactions. Liga MX utilizes the company's 'Fan ID' […]

World Cup 2022

/ 202 days ago

AFC, CAF and OFC embrace home field at World Cup 2022

Home field at World Cup 2022 officially belongs to Qatar. Yet, like African nations in 2010, other countries may feel a sense of belonging at this World Cup in particular. Nations at the World Cup from CAF, AFC and OFC are closer geographically and culturally to Qatar. Despite FIFA's wishes for this World Cup to […]


/ 218 days ago

What is the best soccer stadium in the world?

Everyone has an opinion on what the best soccer stadium in the world is. Some say it is where their favorite club plays, others prefer national stadiums. Frankly, there is good reason to support one or the other in that regard. For instance, club stadiums have an incomparable atmosphere and history. Take a club like […]


/ 226 days ago

World Cup tickets on sale and in high demand

Qatar 2022 still has World Cup tickets available. However, as the tournament inches closer, patrons snap up more each day. To be fair, there are a number of great games to keep an eye on in the Group stage alone. Plus, the proximity of the Qatar World Cup means that neutral fans have easier access […]

World Cup 2026

/ 234 days ago

2026 World Cup cities revealed

There are 23 candidates vying for the 2026 World Cup cities to be revealed. We do not know how many cities FIFA plans to use during the World Cup from the 23 remaining in the mix. Coverage of the reveal is live on FS1 in English and Universo in Spanish at 5 p.m. ET. Entering […]

World Cup 2026

/ 237 days ago

Where to watch the World Cup 2026 cities announcement

You can watch the World Cup 2026 cities announcement on TV to learn which cities have the honor of hosting soccer's premier competition across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. On Thursday, June 16, FIFA names the host cities and stadiums for the 2026 World Cup. The shortlist is already down to 23 cities. In that […]

World Cup 2026

/ 255 days ago

Vote for the 2026 World Cup host cities in North America

The host cities for the 2026 World Cup come to light on Thursday, June 16. A topic of heavy debate, cities and stadiums hosting games for the 2026 World Cup are in an unprecedented time. For that tournament, there are 48 teams, the most ever for the competition. Plus, this is the first time three […]


/ 264 days ago

Ranking World Cup 2022 stadiums from best to worst

The Maracaña. Wembley. Azteca. Olympiastadion. The Rose Bowl. Iconic names that echo with some of the greatest moments in history from the world's biggest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup. Will the 2022 Qatar World Cup forever carve another name or two into the collective minds of the world's football fans? That distinction is mostly […]


/ 304 days ago

World Cups and Olympics present historic opportunity for U.S.

The United States has the unseen opportunity to host three successive sporting events on the world's stage. The FIFA World Cup comes to the U.S. in 2026 through a shared host with Mexico and Canada. Then, two years later, Los Angeles hosts its third Summer Olympics. Hosting the World Cup and the Olympics in a […]