Spanish journalist Guillem Balague has claimed that the MLS offer to Lionel Messi falls short of other potential deals. Inter Miami, the most likely American team to sign the Argentine, can’t offer what Paris Saint-Germain and Al-Hilal can. Balague has contributed to many news outlets in Europe. He is also the author of a biography about Messi as well.

“In MLS, they can never pay what Al-Hilal and PSG can offer,” proclaimed Balague. “The hope for Inter is that Messi feels it’s time to abandon the elite and be in a quieter place to be ready for the Copa America.”

“Anyone that says Messi has decided one way or the other would be lying. He will take a decision at some point of course, but the priority is to stay in the elite game until 2024 and the Copa America, which puts PSG still in the forefront.”

Messi MLS offer does not quell PSG uncertainties

PSG officials are frantically trying to tie down their superstar to another contract. Messi would apparently favor remaining in a competitive league and possibly collecting one more Champions League trophy. However, there are some uncertainties about potentially staying in Paris.

“The message that Messi got was that PSG will keep the same financial conditions, which is not a problem, but that they had to reduce the wage list which makes the team less competitive,” continued Balague.

“It is also not clear if the manager (Christophe Galtier) will be replaced and who will come in. In Qatar, the talk is that the team line-up will vary by four to five players, which makes next season a bit of an uncertainty.”

The Independent claims, however, that Inter is willing to offer Messi stake in the club to help sweeten the deal.

Barcelona reunion seems financially unfeasible

Barcelona would also love to have Messi back, but financial difficulties make the deal very unlikely. “How is it possible that Barcelona, who are in a similar situation to what they were when Messi left, think they can afford Messi?” asked Balague. “And why don’t they start negotiations?”

“Nobody has approached Jorge (the player’s father) or Leo to tell them how to put all that together with a financial package. Barcelona still need to reduce their wage list by 200 million euros.”

Ultimately, Messi’s final decision could come down to either picking the best financial package or competing at the highest level. There is certainly no doubting that the 35-year-old can still play at a top level. Messi has racked up 17 goals and 17 assists in 31 combined Ligue 1 and Champions League matches.

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