Inter Miami majority owner Jorge Mas has revealed that a future friendly against Barcelona is in the works. During a recent interview with Spanish news outlet Marca, Mas claimed that the match would be a tribute to Lionel Messi. Although a date is not yet set, it will be played in the Catalan city.

“I gave [Messi] my commitment that I will do everything possible in the coming years so that he has the opportunity to say goodbye to his fans in Barcelona,” Mas revealed to Marca.

Inter Miami will go [to Barcelona] or we will have some kind of match. Messi’s departure from Barcelona was not to his liking. He could not say goodbye to his club, which welcomed him as a child, and I think the circumstances were not what Lionel wanted.”

Star left Barca due to financial issues in 2021

Messi previously departed Barca in the summer of 2021 for Paris Saint-Germain. Both the Argentine superstar and Catalan club wanted to continue together during that timeframe. However, Barca’s precarious financial situation prevented a contract extension.

A possible tribute match back at Barca has been discussed ever since Messi joined PSG. Barca president Joan Laporta even announced this summer that a friendly with Miami would come in 2025. This would coincide with the reopening of the currently renovated Camp Nou stadium.

Mas ‘shocked’ by Messi’s impact on MLS

Along with the revelation about a tribute match at Barca, Mas also discussed Messi’s massive impact on Major League Soccer. “I think everything has changed with him,” proclaimed the Miami owner. “The MLS is different. Every time we play away from home, the stadiums are full.”

“The reception for Lionel has been extraordinary. The game in New York, with almost 30,000 fans and 80% shouting Messi’s name … there were Albiceleste and pink Inter Miami T-shirts. … It shocked me. I wasn’t expecting that. There will be a before and after Messi’s arrival to the MLS.”

Messi has racked up an incredible 11 goals in 12 total matches with Miami. The club, which was struggling mightily prior to his arrival, has not lost a match with the Argentine in the lineup.

PHOTO: IMAGO / Icon Sportswire.