Details of Lionel Messi’s massive contract with Inter Miami are closing ahead of his move. The Argentine departed Paris Saint-Germain earlier in the month after his contract expired at the club. Despite a huge offer from Saudi Arabia, Messi chose to join the Major League Soccer club instead.

Sources at The Miami Herald are reporting that Messi will receive an annual salary of between $50 and $60 million at Inter. This total package includes the player’s base salary, a signing bonus and equity in the club. However, Messi’s other deals with Adidas and Apple are not part of this financial package. The contract keeps the superstar in Miami for two-and-a-half years.

According to the news outlet, potential deals with Adidas, Apple, and Fanatics are incomplete. These partnerships would seemingly improve Messi’s yearly income quite drastically. First reports of Messi’s deal with Inter Miami revealed revenue sharing with Apple and MLS. Messi receives a portion of the new international subscription fees on MLS Season Pass. The tech company and soccer league are currently in a 10-year, $2.5 billion deal to stream every MLS game.

Inter Miami must make changes along with Messi salary

Speaking with the Miami Herald, Inter’s managing owner Jorge Mas spoke exclusively on the impact of Messi’s imminent arrival to the team. Inter has plans to increase its stadium’s capacity and add more security members during match days. “We have already contracted to fill in the corners of the stadium that should increase capacity by approximately 3,000 to 3,200 seats,” stated Mas.

“We are gearing up to do that work in the next four weeks. Every game will be sold out. The demand for tickets has been 10 times what we can handle on a season ticket basis.”

“Security will obviously be enhanced, players will be bussed in, going through a tunnel. All of those security protocols are already prepared both for here and away. And it’s not only for our games. It’s going to be an everyday occurrence and something we witnessed and I thought handled very well when (Messi) was here with Argentina before the World Cup.”

Mas targets Leagues Cup fixture for Messi’s introduction

Inter Miami set a tentative date for Messi’s debut with the MLS club. Mas informed the newspaper that the Argentine should feature in the team on Friday, July 21. For reference, this is a Leagues Cup matchup against Mexican side Cruz Azul. Tickets for the game in Fort Lauderdale are currently reselling for over $2,000 per seat.