You’ve heard of fuboTV. But are you familiar with Fubo Sportsbook? We walk you through how the two companies are linked, what makes them unique, and why you should make a bet on Fubo Sportsbook’s future growth in the gaming industry.

Many of you will be familiar with the fuboTV name by now. For soccer fans, it’s one of the best streaming services for sports, entertainment and news.

And, while streaming has changed every way you watch your favorite team, being able to bet on them is changing even faster. For years, regulations on sports betting in the United States limited betting to offshore websites and trips to a couple of different cities.

Now, as regulations begin to ease, betting on soccer is becoming very interactive and accessible.

One of the newest members to the market is Fubo Gaming and Fubo Sportsbook. Fubo Gaming is a subsidiary of what many recognize as fuboTV, Inc. Fubo Sportsbook is the consumer-facing brand.

Fubo Sportsbook granted market access in new states

Since launching, Fubo Sportsbook has market access in Iowa, Arizona, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Jersey and Indiana. And just recently, Fubo Sportsbook has added market access to three more states: Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.

As of writing, only two of these states, the aforementioned Arizona and Iowa, can actively place bets currently. Therefore, in order to make wagers, you must be physically located in Arizona or Iowa. This will continue to change and include more states as they are granted their pending regulatory approvals. Still, for those outside Arizona and Iowa, users can have an account with withdrawal and deposit features.

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fuboTV was one of the early streaming options to go heavy on sports including soccer. Recently, fuboTV reached agreements with companies such as Caesars Entertainment Inc, and the Ak-Chin Indian Community. These agreements allow access to setting up mobile gaming in different states.

Fubo Sportsbook offers gamblers many of the customary betting options through their website or Fubo Sportsbook app. Odds exist for a variety of competitions. For example, there are league matches in Spain to CONCACAF Champions League matches in the Americas. Fubo Sportsbook also updates with live odds to allow for betting to occur while the matches are played.

How to bet using Fubo Sportsbook

The most common bet to make is the money line bet. In the example below, you can bet on either team to win or a draw. Each option comes with different odds and different payouts. For instance, the odds displayed show the potential winnings on a $100 bet. Taking a closer look at a recent Inter-Liverpool match, if you bet $100 on Liverpool to win and they did, the bet would pay out $115 in winnings on top of the $100 wagered for a total of $215. Furthermore, those that bet $100 on a draw would receive a total of $350. Then, $100 on Inter Milan yields a total of $315 if Inter won.

Also, Fubo Sportsbook goes beyond results within fixtures. There are “Futures Bets” and “Proposition Wagers” that users bet on. For example, with MLS starting up for the 2022 season, bettors can pick an MLS Cup champion, each with individual odds.

In the example above, New England Revolution and Seattle Sounders are considered the co-favorites to win the MLS Cup. Much like with the single game bet, an $100 wager on the Revolution to win MLS in 2022 would pay a total of $575. Teams with larger odds will pay more but their perceived chances of winning the league are considerably lower.

In addition to “Futures Bets,” “Proposition Wager” or Prop Bets are also available with Fubo Sportsbook. This means you can bet on anything from the timing of the next goal, to who will score a goal, and even how many corners a team will take.

For sports fans in Iowa or Arizona, Fubo Sportsbook is currently offering a risk-free bet up to $1,000. Plus you get a month of fuboTV. Activate the offer and use promo code PLAY2WIN at signup.

Connected to broadcasts

What makes Fubo Sportsbook so unique is its ability to connect with the streaming fuboTV to offer the most relevant odds and allow for interactive gambling. Beyond the pre-match odds, Fubo Sportsbook continues to update to take into account what has happened in the past and what are the chances the outcome will remain the same or change by the final whistle.

Through Fubo Sportsbook’s proprietary feature “Watching Now,” gamblers logged into their app will be shown live odds for the event they are currently streaming. It is able to sync live whether you are streaming fuboTV on a Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, Samsung TV, or LG TV. If you change the game or sport you are watching, it will update on your app to show you the most relevant wagers currently available.

The sports watching and sports betting landscape continues to change each day. Fubo Gaming has already entered into partnerships with the likes of Houston Dynamo and Cleveland Cavaliers. Expect this trend to grow and give viewers and bettors a completely unique experience from their own home.