Liverpool forward Luis Díaz picked up an injury in the Reds’ game at Arsenal at the weekend. The Colombian tried to continue play, but withdrew from the contest before halftime.

After the game, Díaz left the stadium on crutches. Plus, he had a brace surrounding his knee. It is likely the Luis Díaz injury occurred during a tackle from Arsenal’s Thomas Partey. The Ghanaian and the Colombian fell to the ground in tandem, with the 6’1 midfielder landing on Díaz’s left knee. There was no foul on the play, rather just a tangle of bodies.

The Luis Díaz injury was not the only one Liverpool suffered at the weekend. Defender Trent Alexander-Arnold left the game at half time with what manager Jürgen Klopp called a twisted ankle. The German manager commented on the injuries to his side after the game. He said that both injuries appear to be serious. If the players could have continued, they likely would have stayed on, despite the deficit at half time.

Liverpool have a laundry list of games before the extended ‘break’ for the World Cup. Fixtures lined up in the Premier League, Champions League and EFL Cup make injuries a worst-case scenario for the Anfield side. In fact, Liverpool has 10 more games in the five weeks until the World Cup.

Luis Díaz injury runs through World Cup

Colombia failed to qualify for the World Cup. Therefore, it is perhaps a silver lining that Díaz is not missing a chance to represent Colombia on the biggest stage. Plus, he will have the opportunity to stay in Liverpool to recuperate, rather than rushing back from any injury.

Still, the injury comes at an inopportune time for Liverpool. The 10-game run of fixtures building up to the World Cup features some key ties for Liverpool’s season.

Not only are there three Champions League games, including away days to both Rangers and Ajax, but there are key Premier League games.

The Luis Díaz injury means he is unavailable for this upcoming weekend’s fixture against Manchester City. The Colombian also misses out on another trip to North London to take on Tottenham Hotspur.