As focus on the World Cup soon gives way to the silly season, a plethora of rumors on which players may or may not be leaving or joining new clubs are sure to hit the Internet in abundance in the next four weeks. If you’re new to football, sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment that’s sure to come before the European domestic leagues pick back up in mid August. The silly season always entertains, let it begin.

To start things off, Steven Gerrard, Captain of England and Liverpool, has yet to announce whether or not he’ll stay on at Liverpool as the great club transition into a new era. As the Roy Hodgson days begins, so too could the Stevie G era end as Real Madrid may swoop in for the 30 year old midfielder.

Early talks held by Hodgson with Liverpool players including Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher and others have been reported as “positive” while Hodgson has yet to communicate with Spanish striker Fernando Torres due to International duty at the World Cup. Hodgson has stressed his knowledge of the importance of retaining key Liverpool players citing Gerrard and Carragher as the “playing heartbeat” of the club.

But as Gerrard has struggled for club and to a lesser extent country, I thought he was good, not great for England this summer, could there be a better time than now to make a change from the club he’s represented at the senior level since 1998?

Time will tell, but ultimately I hope Gerrard stays in the Premier League and plays for Liverpool until he retires. Gerrard is one of the all time great Premier League players and his eventual retirement at Liverpool would be a breath of fresh air in modern football as so many players seem to kiss the badge and then chase huge pay days. Gerrard has been a loyal servant to Liverpool and I think he deserves his chance to stay on with the club if he so desires.

To further that sentiment, Gerrard is a legend at Liverpool, worshiped by the fans of LFC and will hopefully continue to apply his trade in England and not Real Madrid where I believe his services would be either misused or misunderstood as Madrid seem to throw cash at their problems in a blind attempt they’ll somehow miraculously be solved (the hiring of Jose Mourinho could very well change that).

Should Steven Gerrard take this opportunity to make a fresh start in another European league as he enters into the last few productive seasons of his great career? Are there any Premier League clubs that could realistically make a move for the now England Captain? Feel free to leave a comment below.