Two words to describe this weekend’s action: low scoring.  No team scored more than 2 goals during their match, and the highest combined goal total was 3 (Napoli’s 2-1 win over Siena).  However, a more appropriate word may be clarity, as we now can begin to see more clearly the strengths and weaknesses of many clubs, whether they be contenders (Sampdoria!) or pretenders (Milan!).  Below are my thoughts and observations from the weekend, and feel free share your own thoughts:

Hail Sampdoria!

Well I was wrong.  Sampdoria looked like a top four club this weekend against Inter, only notching one goal but having numerous chances.  While Inter also had its chances (that offsides had to have been aggggggggravating) the match clearly belonged to the victor.  Naysayers will say it was at home and Sampdoria’s first win against a quality opponent, but I will say I was impressed.  Not saying they will stay atop the standings (I definitely would not say that) but they deserve credit for their win.  Enjoy this goal again:

Milan’s worry should be its defense

Granted, Ronaldinho, Seedorf, and the rest of the Rossoneri offense barely made Gillet sweat Sunday, but Milan fans have to be worried about its defense (except Storari, who had a Buffonesque match).  Every time I watch Milan, I have seen the defenders at midfield lazily passing the ball, only to commit at least one horrendous turnover that leads to a score.  Fortunately for Milan, this weekend those turnovers lead to Storari highlights, but for a Champions League club their defense is quite worrisome.  Turn that inevitable Ronaldinho money into a defender this winter before it’s too late Leonardo!

The weekend’s best match was Udinese-Genoa

Quietly, both clubs are battling for a place in the top 4, with Udinese gaining the upper hand with their win over Genoa.  Both sides featured quality talent and, in the end, the difference was top goal scorer Antonio di Natale.  He notched the match’s first goal in the 81st minutes, and the match was only in hand after a very late Pepe goal.  This was a match not to miss.

Roma is glad to not have to travel to Sicily this season

After a thrilling 3-3 tie at Palermo on Wednesday, Roma made a return appearance to the Italian island on Sunday and barely escaped with a point.  Catania led for most of the match on a Morimoto goal, but it was a de Rossi goal in the 90th minute that saved the day for Roma.  It is de Rossi’s third goal in six Serie A matches this year, and none may be more welcome.