Spain’s LaLiga has released a new video slamming the potential reintroduction of the European Super League. The failed league previously made formation attempts in April of 2021. A dozen top teams attempted to break away from their domestic league to create the Super League. However, plans quickly deteriorated and the league never quote got off the ground.

Nevertheless, three clubs still remain hopeful of creating the Super League. Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Juventus are all reportedly working behind the scenes to bring back the plans. LaLiga, however, is less than thrilled about the idea.

Laliga says European Super League model is same as before

In a video released on LaLiga’s Twitter account, the league claims that the ‘new’ Super League is not quite ‘new.’

“The promoters of the Super League are now preparing a model similar to the one put forward in 2019, which is still closed or mostly closed, which will destroy the national leagues and which has already been rejected by clubs and leagues in Europe,” stated LaLiga.

The nearly two-and-a-half-minute video also goes on to say that organizers are hiding information. “The promoters of the Super League are trying to conceal its format, claiming that they still don’t have a fixed model, although it will be inclusive and open,” the video continues.

“We know that this is false and that they want to present a semi-closed format similar to that of 2019.” LaLiga clubs and European league rejected the idea, according to the statement.

“This model is based on promotion and relegation between European divisions where the national leagues do not provide direct access to the top tier. On the contrary, they perpetuate the participation of a privileged few, even if they perform poorly in their domestic leagues.”

LaLiga clearly is not the only soccer organization against the idea of a Super League. FIFA and UEFA, as well as other domestic European leagues, have also criticized the formation of the league.

Nevertheless, Super League executive Bernd Reichart recently said that plans are still intact. Reichart claimed that the new league has potential to debut as soon as 2024.