The Guardian’s Jonathan Wilson is one of the most influential soccer writers in the English-language world, whose ability to explain the tactical side of the game has changed the way the game is covered. On today’s podcast, the author of Sunderland: A Club Transformed, Behind the Curtain, and Inverting the Pyramid joins us to discuss two other areas of expertise – Eastern European football and African football – as we continue profiling the nations competing in this summer’s World Cup. In this interview, we cover Nigeria, Algeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire as well as Slovenia, Serbia, and Slovakia. We also discuss his latest work, released last week – The Anatomy of England: A History in Ten Matches.

On tomorrow’s edition of the podcast, BBC’s North American football correspondent Sean Wheelock will join us to conclude our experts’ series as we cast special focus on Group C, England, and the United States.