Imagine you’re ITV, one of the biggest TV networks in the United Kingdom, and you have the rights to the live match between England and the United States. It’s the biggest match of the World Cup thus far. And it’s the added bonus of being in HD.

As ITV, you begin showing the match but then the worst case scenario happens.

Just as England is advancing towards the US goal, the network accidentally cuts to a video promo. But by the time they return to the live action, Steven Gerrard has scored a goal in the third minute.

That unthinkable scenario happened exactly like that tonight on ITV. Cue upset football supporters who missed England’s only game of the match. And US soccer fans think that Fox Soccer Channel is bad? ITV makes US soccer networks look world-class.

It’d be bad enough if this was the first time this ever happened to ITV. But they did something very similar during a crucial Everton versus Liverpool match and cut to a commercial right before Everton scored a goal to clinch the win. See video below.

Hat tip to 101 Great Goals for the video.